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9th Dec 10





QR decomposition and its Applications



Professor Tin-Yau Tam




(12.46 KB)


11th Nov 10





Permanents, Order statistics, Outliers and Robustness



Prof. N. Balakrishnan




(12.69 KB)


10th Nov 10





System Signatures and Properties



Prof. N. Balakrishnan




(12.71 KB)


14th Oct 10





Integration and Approximation in High Dimensions



Prof. Ian H. Sloan




(78.02 KB)


20th Aug 10





Precedence-type Tests - Theory and Applications



Dr. H. K.Tony Ng




(18.49 KB)


6th Aug 10





Superconvergence for Maxwell's equations in metamaterials



Prof. Jichun Li




(18.25 KB)


22nd Jul 10





Progresses on theory and algorithm of the h-p finite element method in the 21th century



Prof. Benqi Guo




(18.36 KB)


25th Jun 10





Measures of Risk



Prof. Hong-Kun Xu




(28.57 KB)


11th Jun 10





A Novel Approach to Tight Bounds and Statistical Information of Rounding Errors



Dr. Peter P.T. Tang




(13 KB)


20th Apr 10





Multiscale standing waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations



Prof. Daomin Cao




(97.73 KB)

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