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16th Dec 09





An exploration of decomposed finite difference methods for solving singular partial differential equation problems



Prof. Qin SHENG




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11th Dec 09





Quantum Feedback Control



Professor M.R. James




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27th Nov 09





Some Topics on Singularly Perturbed Problems



Prof. Ziqing Xie




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23rd Oct 09





Integral Equation Models for Image Restoration: High Accuracy Methods and Fast Algorithms



Prof. Yuesheng Xu




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17th Jun 09





Causal Quantitative Techniques for Customer Relationship Management



Dr. Victor S.Y. Lo




(13.31 KB)


18th Feb 09





Local Polynomial Regression Estimation with Spatial Correlated Errors



Zhang Fan




(49.31 KB)


3rd Feb 09





Variable Selection for Recurrent Event Data via Nonconcave Penalized Estimating Function



Dr. Xingwei Tong




(47.33 KB)


14th Jan 09





L2-projected FEM for singular solution in Maxwell's equations



Dr. Huo-Yuan Duan




(72.44 KB)


9th Jan 09





Higher Rank Numerical Range in Quantum Computing



Dr. Raymond Nung-Sing Sze




(98.75 KB)


7th Jan 09





Prevention of blow up by fast diffusion in chemotaxis



Prof. Choi Yung Sze




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