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19th Dec 08





An Explicit Exchange Algorithm for Linear Semi-infinite Programming Problems with Second-order Cone Constraints



Prof. Soon-Yi Wu




(47.23 KB)


15th Dec 08





Subspace Techniques for Nonlinear Optimization



Professor Ya-xiang Yuan




(47.34 KB)


12th Dec 08





Convergence of Krylov Subspace Methods for Least Squares Problems



Prof. Ken Hayami




(56.91 KB)


12th Dec 08





Superconvergence of Mixed Finite Element Methods for Optimal Control Problems



Prof. Yanping Chen




(47.68 KB)


11th Dec 08





TV-based Models and Numerical Schemes for Geometry Processing



Dr. Xavier Bresson






10th Dec 08





Dynamic Transition Theory and Equilibrium Phase Transitions



Prof. Shouhong Wang




(47.71 KB)


1st Dec 08





A Method to Analyze Three-Level Orthogonal Saturated Designs



Ying Chen




(48.97 KB)


1st Dec 08





A Robust-Likelihood Cumulative Sum Chart



Chunjie Wu




(48.97 KB)


28th Nov 08





A Combination Model of Second-order and Fourth-order Partial Differential Equations for Image Restoration



Prof. Qianshun Chang




(56.04 KB)


31st Oct 08





Research on the contribution of human capital to economy development in China



Prof. Jun-he Sun




(50.07 KB)

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