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arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) Updates on PolyU Year 2000 Compliance Programme
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) More GroupWise FAQs
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) More on Secure Electronic Services and Digital Certificate
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) Be Aware - Viruses on the Internet!!
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) Updates on PolyU Smart Card
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) More New Staff Traing Courses in April - "Basic Adobe Photoshop 5.0" and "Baisc Adobe PageMarker 6.5.2

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arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) Further Upgrade of the Academic Computers Completed

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arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes) Final Countdown for the PolyU IT Showcase 99
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  Video-on-Demand Service Launching on 16 March