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arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  Departments Can Now Send Group Messages on the Campus E-mail System "Direct"
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  More Web-based Administrative Systems
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  Oracle Discoverer for End-user Computing
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  ITS Video Conferencing Service in Full Gear
arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  More Electronic Forms at Your Finger Tips

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arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Is Your Data Important to You? Clear the Millennium Bug Now
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Having Difficulties in Viewing New Web Pages?
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Be a Smart GroupWise User
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Don't Want to Miss Important E-mails?
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Result of Electronic Voting - "Sender's Name" in the Campus E-mail System
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  Internet Access Packages for the PolyU Community at Special Rates
arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  PolyU Smart Card - Latest Progress

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arrow_red_rt_sm_wte.gif (1200 bytes)  Completion of Campus-wide Network Cabling Upgrade
arrow_red_rt_sm_wte.gif (1200 bytes)  What's New about Dial-up Service

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arrow_blue_rt_sm_wte.gif (1183 bytes)  Further Upgrade Plan for the Academic Computers

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arrow_grn_rt_sm_wte.gif (1203 bytes)  PolyU "IT Showcase 99"

Office of Information Technology Services,
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