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January 2007 Highlights

Learn About Network Port Scanning Is Your Computer Safe from Scanning?

Ports are open channels on computers and programs used to communicate and exchange data. By scanning for and identifying the open 'doors' and weaknesses on your computer, hackers can remotely connect to your machine to spread viruses, steal personal data, launch security attacks to other systems, etc. Learn about the security risks of port scanning and what to do to protect your computer.

Good Practices of Using E-mail

E-mail is the official communication channel at PolyU and all staff and students are encouraged to make extensive use of the University's e-mail services in your daily work. Check out some good practices to follow to make the best use of electronic communication.

Software Packages on Academic Unix Cluster

A variety of software packages on engineering, database, computer languages, statistical applications, etc. are available on the Academic Unix Cluster to support academic and research activities. Find out the list of software available for your use.



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