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"myPolyU" Portal - Your Personalized University Information Services Soon to be Launched


"myPolyU" - Bringing personalized
information services at your finger tips 

We are pleased to announce that the new University Portal, named myPolyU, will be launched in phases to replace the current PolyU Student and Staff Intranets.

What is myPolyU

As reflected by its name which stresses the element of personalization, myPolyU ( a personalized portal service for all staff and students to access those PolyU information and services they need, at any time from anywhere, through the web browser on any Internet-connected computer.

Once logged into myPolyU, different users will be presented with different University information and services targeted for them.


When will it be launched

As the first phase of implementation, myPolyU for students will be launched on 15 April 2002 to replace the Student Intranet.


What will it offers

The various facilitate of myPolyU have been introduced in our previous issues of "Get Connected". Let's reiterate it's major facilities and services here.

Once logged into myPolyU with their NetIDs, students can access the University information and services targeted for them. The facilities currently under the Student Intranet will be accessible from myPolyU under 4 new categories, namely:

arrow.gif (153 bytes) myUniversity
arrow.gif (153 bytes) myInformation
arrow.gif (153 bytes) myStudy
arrow.gif (153 bytes) e-Services


The existing WebMail and Upcoming Events services will be accessible from myPolyU while a number of new services will also be introduced.


University / Student Bodies News & Announcements

The "University /Student Bodies News & Announcements" channel will replace the existing "Student Mass Mailing" service with a more user-friendly and powerful interface.

Departments and student bodies, such as the Students’ Union and the Postgraduate Association, can directly post any news and announcements to the channel. They can select the targeted student groups and the time and duration for posting the information.

Students, once logged into myPolyU, will be presented under myPage with those news and announcements from various departments and student bodies that are targeted for them.

To facilitate the publication of news and announcements by departments, hands-on training sessions have been arranged for the Departmental News Administrators (DNAs) on the use of the new facility.


"WebCalendar" is a web-based calendar service. From there, students can view the dates of important University events and holidays, which are currently available in the PolyU Academic Calendar. Students can also mark personal events and make appointments with fellow classmates using the WebCalendar.

As Single-Sign-On for WebCalendar and WebMail service has been implemented, students can access the 2 facilities from myPolyU without additional login.



The "Search" channel enables users to search contents in the portal, in other PolyU Websites and Internet Websites, using keywords.




Hong Kong Weather

Updated local Hong Kong weather information, including temperature, humidity, rainstorm warnings and typhoon signals from the Hong Kong Observatory, will be displayed.





Students can maintain personal favourite Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) with labels in the "myLinks" channel, which are hyperlinked to important or frequently accessed Websites of their own.


Customization of Settings

As a personalized information service, various portal and channel settings of myPolyU can be customized according to users' personal preference. For example:

arrow.gif (153 bytes) To change the look and feel (i.e. select their preferred colour themes) of their portal interface; or

arrow.gif (153 bytes) To set up the maximum number of news items to be displayed in the news channels etc.



Phase-out of Student Intranet and Student Mass Mailing Service

With the launching of the University Portal, the "Student Intranet" will be phased out on 15 April 2002.

The "Student Mass Mailing" service will also be discontinued according to the following schedule:

Types of Notices

Phase-out Date

Sending of notices to the campus-wide student mailing groups (i.e. polyu_stud, polyu_stud_ft & polyu_stud_pt) which is currently handled by ITS

15 April 2002

Sending of notices directly by departments to the departmental mailing groups, e.g. all students of the department or all students under the same progamme code etc.

19 May 2002


Important Message for Students -
New Arrangements of Receiving Student "Mass" Notices

With the launch of the Student Portal, a new facility will be available for departments to publish "mass" notices directly to specific target student groups. Please note the following new arrangements for receiving the "mass" notices from the University:

  1. The existing arrangement of posting all "mass" notices from departments addressed to the campus-wide student groups (i.e. all full-time students and all part-time students) under the "Consolidated PolyU e-Notices Centre" will be terminated on 14 April 2002.

  2. Starting from 15 April 2002, departments will publish "mass" notices addressed to the campus-wide student groups under the "University News & Announcements" channel of the Student Portal. You will no longer receive the daily notifying e-mail via the Campus E-mail System. Instead, you should access the channel and check for University notices at least once a day by clicking the 'myPage' tab after logging into the Student Portal at with your PolyU NetID and NetPassword. Otherwise, you will miss important notices from the University.

  3. After the Portal is launched, some departments will also start using the "University News & Announcements" channel to publish notices for the departmental student groups, i.e. all students of their departments or all students registered under a particular programme. You can also access such notices targeted for you in the Portal.

  4. The existing Student Mass Mailing service will be phased out on 19 May 2002. Starting from that day, departments will publish ALL "mass" notices to students, no matter they are addressed to the campus-wide or departmental student groups, under the "University News & Announcements" channel of the Student Portal. You will not receive any further "mass" notices from departments in your personal Campus E-mail mailbox. The "University News & Announcements" facility in the Portal will then become a unique channel for you to access all "mass" notices addressed to you from the University.

For your information, you can access the existing ITS facilities such as WebMail directly from the Portal without requiring additional login. "Single-Sign-On" would be performed for you once you have logged into the Portal. To fully enjoy the personalized information services of the Student Portal, you are strongly encouraged to set the Portal ( as the default home for your browser.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the new arrangements, please contact the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900.




Software and Hardware Available at the SCC

PC1.gif (10025 bytes)Need a special software tool to complete your assignment? Check out if it's available at the SCC -

You can always check out the latest software list for each PC room of the Student Computer Centre (SCC) from our "Student Handbook on Computing Facilities and Services", which is available online under the ITS Homepage.

From there, you can also view the detailed hardware configurations of the PC rooms including the number and model of PCs available, the RAM and hard disk size of each PC, the availability of printers etc.



7 x 24 Computer Access Available before and during Examination Period

Round-the-clock computer access available on campus -

With the second semester coming to a close in May, you will surely be busy with your term papers in the month ahead and need ready computer access.

open 24 hours.gif (3911 bytes)To accommodate students' high demand for computer usage during the end-of-semester and examination period, the 3/F of our Student Computer Centre at Li Ka Shing Tower will provide 24-hour service from 8 April to 18 May 2002 (including Sundays and all public holidays).

Over 200 PCs will be readily available to you to work on your term papers anytime on campus.