PolyU Job Board FAQs

What is the Login NetPassword for my PolyU Job Board account?

Your Login Net Password is the same as the one for PolyU Portal (https://portal.polyu.edu.hk).

Who are eligible to use the PolyU Job Board?

All higher diploma students, full-time postgraduate, part-time bachelor and taught postgraduate are eligible to use the system during the study period.

How do I update my contact telephone number?

You may update your personal information at the Academic Secretariat eStudent at http://www.polyu.edu.hk/student/.

What file types are compatible for uploading documents to the system?

Compatible file types include JPG, PDF, DOC and DOCX.

What is the recommended browser for PolyU Job Board?

Internet Explorer 7 is the recommended browser. For some other updated version of IE or Firefox, only original and English language version can be used to view jobs in the system. And, it is recommended that you should switch on compatible view or IE tab function in your browser.

How can I successfully apply a job online?

You should upload all required document(s) stated in the job ads. After uploading all document(s), click the “Apply” button from the job pending list. Successfully applied job should be shown as “Applied” in the status.

What does it mean when the “Job App. Status” column displays “NOMINATED”?

Having the “Job App. Status” column displaying "NOMINATED" means your application had been forwarded to the internship company for further screening and consideration. However, please note that it does not mean your application is accepted by the internship company. If your application is found suitable, you would be normally contacted by the internship company directly (sometimes by SAO) for further deliberation.

What is the function of “ Success Offer” button?

If you have accepted a job offer, you are required to login to your account and click the “Success Offer” button as to indicate your acceptance of the position.

What should I do if I encounter any technical problem or have any queries concerning the system?

Please report the problem or send your enquiry to us by filling in the Enquiry Form.