Where and when can I find information about local internship opportunities?

There are two major channels through which you can find local internship opportunities - your own academic department and CAPS. Each year, CAPS provides hundreds of internship opportunities and related information will be posted onto the PolyU Job Board. Incoming internship opportunities will usually be available from February and you are encouraged to consult your department's WIE coordinator and check out information in PolyU Job Board regularly.


Are there any particular requirements for applying for local internship?

The requirements vary among from internship to internship. You should pay attention to the specific requirements mentioned in the internship description. In most cases, a well-written resume is required. A cover letter, copy of academic transcript or a Chinese CV might be required by certain companies or organizations.


I do not have a resume, what should I do?

CAPS provides a host of training programmes to help you equip with the required job search skills. Please note that starting with students of 2008 cohorts, students need to attend mandatory WIE pre-internship training in order to be better prepared for taking on internship. Please click here to find out more.

Can I apply for more than one opening at the same time?  

All local internship information will be made available in our PolyU Job Board and students are welcome to browse, select and submit application for openings that match with your discipline of studies and skills.

However, students should keep in mind that once you have accepted an internship offer, you should refrain from sending further applications or attending other interviews. You should also notify CAPS so that further internship opportunities could be given to other students who have yet to secure one.


When will a job interview be arranged for local internships?

It depends very much on the employer's own selection and screening arrangement. Normally employers will contact students directly for further screening needs such as an interview or written test. You are encouraged to pay attention to any further notice from employers.


Do I need to attend any interview hosted by CAPS?

Normally CAPS does not conduct interviews for local internships; the selection and screening process is managed by employers. However, if requested by employers, CAPS may help pre-screen applications to short-list suitable candidates based on specific requirements stated by employers.


How long is the recruitment process?

The selection and screening process will be managed by employers and the time they take may vary. Normally, it takes 6-8 weeks for employers to complete the screening process and confirm their final selection, but it is possible that a longer period of time may be needed in certain cases.


What are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines will be specified in the internship description. You are encouraged to pay attention to details stated in the internship description.


Can I apply for an internship that is not related to my discipline of study?

Employers will specify their required skills, qualifications and sometimes fields of study in the internship descriptions. Students should study the information carefully to make sure that you are eligible for the position.


If the internship requires me to hand in academic proof, how should I submit the information?

For jobs that handled by CAPS, you may upload the academic proof in PolyU Job Board. Or you may follow the instructions as specified in the advertisement.


Do you accept international students?

According to the Education Hub Policy, full-time students who are non-HK residents may take up summer employment/internship during the summer months, i.e. the period from 1 June to 31 August, both dates inclusive. please click here for more details.


I am currently on academic exchange programme and unable to attend an interview. Should I apply for local internship?

Yes, if you need a summer internship for fulfillment of WIE, and you can find internship information and make on-line application through the PolyU Job Board. However, you should state clearly in your application your contact details so that employers, if required, can contact you for further information or conduct telephone interviews.


How long does an internship last for?

Students typically join an internship programme during the summer break (June to August), and an internship may last from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the nature of work or projects and the requirements of the employers. The working hours may also vary.

You should pay attention to information provided in the internship description, and the final arrangement should be agreed upon with the employer before confirmation of your internship.


Are internships paid or unpaid?

You should pay attention to information provided in the internship description, and the final arrangement should be agreed upon with the employer before confirmation of your internship.


I have not received any response after I submitted my application. Is there a problem?

This may be due to one of the following reasons:


If I would like to withdraw from an internship application, what should I do?

[Before Interview]
You should notify CAPS about the withdrawal and state the reasons.

[When receiving an invitation to an interview and before the interview]
You MUST ensure that you have notified both CAPS and the employer of your withdrawal supported by your reasons before attending the interview.

Under no circumstances should you fail to show up in an arranged interview.

[After the Interview]
You MUST notify both CAPS and the employer of your withdrawal and your reasons.

If I would like to withdraw from an accepted internship, what should I do?

In cases of internship arranged through CAPS, students cannot withdraw from an accepted offer without permission from CAPS. Withdrawal from this stage onwards is not acceptable unless accompanied by a valid reason such as a serious health issue.

Students should bear in mind that a lot of resources will have been spent by employers on the internship arrangement. Your withdrawal would not only waste their effort, but would also very likely interrupt their business operation. It is also detrimental to the image of PolyU students as a whole. Withdrawing from an internship after giving your acceptance could result in a penalty.


What should I do if I encounter difficulties during my internship?

We understand that sometimes students do face difficulties during their internship and CAPS is willing to extend as much help as possible. If you encounter any problem or need some advice during your internship, please phone our office on (852) 2766 6800 or or contact us here.