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Journey of Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

You are cordially invited to attend the talk “Journey of Becoming a Social Entrepreneur". Details of the talk are as follows:


Speaker: Mr. Bosco Ng (Founder and Director of WEDO Global)
Date: 15 March 2019 (Friday)
Time: 12:30 – 14:00
Venue: ST304, 3/F, Ng Wing Hong Building, PolyU (*New Venue)
Language: English


WEDO GLOBAL is an international award winning social enterprise with the mission to achieve social inclusion with innovation. Through organizing multi-cultural training, workshops, local and overseas community and educational tours, WEDO GLOBAL has become a platform to connect people of different cultural backgrounds, facilitate mutual and intercultural understanding to bridge the cultural gaps. Bosco will share his experience of becoming a social entrepreneur who is leading a cross-sector organization in the fields of education, training and tourism.

Please click here to register online. We look forward to your participation!


Speaker’s Biography

Bosco is the Founder and Director of WEDO GLOBAL. He has acquired extensive experience in cross-cultural communication and management, and represented Hong Kong to participate in the Youth Peace Network programme in Canada. When Bosco came back to Hong Kong, he realised that there was a lack of platform for cross-cultural communication, leading to perceptions and misunderstandings among people of different cultural backgrounds. He was motivated to establish WEDO GLOBAL to address related social issues. Since 2017, Bosco has been appointed as the member of the Advisory Committee on Racial Equality and Integration of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Moreover, he received the Hong Kong Youth Service Award in 2017.



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