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Special rooms and Research Carrels

Special room for Students with Physical Impairment

A special room located at R405 is equipped with computers, electric table and other facilities for students with physical impairment. 

 Overview of R405  Bed  Electrical table

Special room for Students with Speical Needs

A special study room located on the 4th Floor (Room L401a) of Library is equipped with special personal computers, powerbraille, scanners, magnifying devices, speech synthesizer software and scanning & reading appliance for students with disability. (see page on Library)

 Overview of L401a
 Magnifying device and PC
Scanning and Reading appliance
Scanning and Reading appliance

Research Carrels

Two research carrels for private study are available in the Research Enhancement Centre on 3rd Floor of the Library for students with special needs who have registered with Centre STARS. Eligible users can reserve the carrels one day in advance and check in the carrels by swiping their Smart Cards on the door of the reserved carrels. Advance booking for using the carrels could be made via 


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