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Students' Sharing

“When you study in a new environment, you may face some problems, but don’t worry and don’t be shy, just tell Centre STARS your problems. They are very nice and friendly. Hope you enjoy your university life.” - Fung



“I really encourage all SEN students to voice what we need and what we want because there is always someone available to help you and by your side. And when you do your best, there is someone to do the rest, and you can perform the best of you in PolyU no matter in your study and other school life.” – Merrick



“With better understanding and awareness of diversity, disability is no longer a constraint or medical problem. Disability is more about attitude. It’s an attitude of how you face your challenges and your differences. We all welcome you to embrace diversity and everyone is so unique and beautiful. With better understanding of diversity, I hope you all to enjoy to be yourself and to respect others for being so different and beautiful. Thank you.” – Carmen



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