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Academic Support

All academic departments are committed to give special assistance to students with disability / special educational needs to facilitate their learning. Students are strongly advised to identify themselves to Centre STARS or their departments so that necessary services can be arranged in advance.

Individual provisions may be provided according to the nature of impairment. Examples include providing soft copies or enlarged version of handouts/notes, classroom seating, allowing extra time for examination, preparing examination papers in Braille or onto tape, arrangement of student volunteers etc.
Wheelchair seat in lecture room 

Exam paper in Braille 

A special room located at R405 is equipped with computers, electric table and other facilities for students with physical impairment. 

Overview of the R405 


Electrical table 

A special study room located on the 4th Floor (Room L401a) of Library is equipped with special personal computers, powerbraille, scanners, magnifying devices, speech synthesizer software and scanning & reading appliance for the visually impaired. (see page on Library)

Overview of L401a

Magnifying device and PC

Scanning and Reading appliance

Scanning and Reading appliance 

Assistive devices e.g. personal note-taker for the visually impaired could be borrowed on a temporary basis.  (subject to availability and individual needs)

Personal note-taker 


Further enquiries: 2766 6800

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