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Outbound Learning Activity Fund 2018/2019

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Outbound Learning Activity Fund 2018/2019

The Outbound Learning Activity Fund is open for application by all full-time students, either individuals or groups. Registered student societies are also eligible for applying. The fund aims to encourage and subsidize non-course required/ non-credit bearing/ non-WIE required student activities in the Chinese mainland and overseas which are conductive to:-

  • support students to participate, design and pilot opportunities for outbound learning that is able to widen their horizons
  • through outbound learning experience to enrich holistic development and personal growth
  • enhance understanding of Chinese mainland and other overseas countries for gaining cross cultural insights
  • promote University image by student engagement in competitions or events on international, regional or inter-collegiate levels

Closing Dates
1st round application: 1 November 2018 (Thu)
2nd round application: 28 March 2019 (Thu)

OLAF Poster

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Application form & guidelines

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