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Grand Blossom Serviced Apartments for 2017/18 Residential Year

Hung Hom - Grand Blossom Serviced Apartments   

A) Location

123, Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon 

B) Transportation

The building is located at 123, Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, within 10 minutes walk from PolyU Campus. G/F and 1/F is an elderly home, 2/F, 3/F and 5/F are car parking spaces. There are 24-convenience store, catering outlets and shopping facilities in close proximity of the premises.


Location of Grand Blossom Serviced Apartments and PolyU Campus

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C) Basic information and Provisions

Flat size (floor area)

701 - 763s.f.

No. of students per flat

6 students

Basic furniture

Table & chairs, bunk-bed with mattresses (bed sheet, pillow and blanket excluded) and wardrobes

Basic home appliances

TV set, air-conditioner, refrigerator, cooking stove, washing machine, Wifi (up to 100Mb)

D) Contract Terms

1. Lodging Period

The lodging period is from 1 Sep. 2017 (Friday) to 15 Jun. 2018 (Friday).

If summer period (16 Jun. 2018 – 10 Aug. 2018) is needed, separate application is needed and successful applicants of the same gender are likely required to move together to another flat within the building.

2. Lodging Fee (for the residential year 2017/18 and subject to annual review)


Double Room / Quadruple Room

Lodging fee (from 1 Sep. 2017 to 15 Jun. 2018)


Lodging fee (from 16 Jun. 2018 to 10 Aug. 2018)


Caution money per person (to be refunded upon check-out, subject to no outstanding claim)


  1. Successful applicants should pay the Lodging Fee and Caution Money in one lot. The Caution Money of HK$500 will be refunded to the student upon check-out, subject to no outstanding claim on lodging fee, room inventory, electricity or other charges.
  2. The lodging fee will cover (i) the utility charges at a ceiling of HK$160 per month per head, water, gas and Internet connection, (ii) weekly cleaning of communal area in the flat, and (iii) repair and maintenance for normal wear and tear in the flat.
  3. Note that if the monthly electricity bill exceeds the total ceiling of the students living in the flat (at HK$160 per head), the excess amount will be equally shared by the students living in the flat and deducted from their Caution Money.  

3. Payment Terms

  1. In case the number of applications outnumbers the residential places on offer, the University reserves the right to provisionally offer the places by drawing lot among students of the same gender within the same choice of room types and location. The offer will be confirmed upon collection of payment by the University on first-paid-first-reserved basis in line with the payment terms and deadline stipulated.
  2. To secure a residential place, successful applicants should settle the relevant debit note on or before the payment deadline, or their offers will be replaced by other students on the waiting list without prior notice.
  3. Once the debit note is settled, NO request for withdrawal of the application, early check-out before the end of the reidential period or refund will be entertained.
  4. The University maintains the right to withhold the student's graduation parchment and file legal actions to recover any outstanding charges incurred.

E) Note to Applicants

  1. Application from students, who will be on their 5th or above year of undergraduate study in the following year and beyond their normal study duration, will normally not be approved. If they have any special reasons for their deferment of study, please specify in the remark field in the application for special consideration on case by case basis.
  2. Once the OCH offer is accepted by successful applicants, their hall applications in normal round, if any, will be cancelled automatically without prior notice.

F) Tentative Schedule:

Application Period: 25 April - 28 May, 2017

Result of Provisional Offer: 5 June, 2017

Payment Deadline of Lodging Fee for Semester 1 and Caution Money: 15 June, 2017


Layout Plans
(Annex I)

House Rules
(Annex II)

(Annex III)

 Apply Here


For application, you are welcome to contact Mr Ryan Yuen at (852) 3159 0016, or email to if you have any queries.


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