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Annex II Grand Blossom Serviced Apartments

Annex II: Off-campus Housing

Rules and Regulations for Student Hall Residents should generally apply to off-campus housing wherever applicable unless otherwise specified below.

A) House Rules (forming a part of the residential Contract Agreement)

  1. All flats will accommodate students of the same gender only.
  2. The University reserves the rights in assigning flat, room and bed (e.g. upper bed/lower bed of the bunk bed) when necessary.
  3. The University and/or its authorized representatives maintains the right to enter the flat/rooms, with or without prior notice, whether or not in the presence of the student, for the purposes of ensuring hygiene, health, safety, security and other situation as deemed necessary.
  4. Subletting, transfer of the right of residence, or granting licence to use the premises to any person is absolutely prohibited.
  5. Visiting hour is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The guest must be accompanied by the host resident whenever he/she is in the premises.  Illegal accommodating of a guest for overnight stay will be charged a penalty of HK$500 per night and subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Students shall be held liable for any loss of or damage (beyond normal wear and tear) to the facilities, furniture, fittings, fixtures and fabrics in the assigned room and installed for common use in the premises. In the absence of proof of individual responsibility, the students in the premises might be held jointly liable for the loss or damage incurred.
  7. Upon termination of residence, students shall remove all personal property in the assigned room and the premises prior to check-out. Any property found shall be disposed of and the University disclaims any liability for the loss of or damage to such property.
  8. The University maintains the right to terminate the residence of a student resident for violating the House Rules, or serious illness requesting intensive family care, or any abnormally aggressive or irresponsible conducts that will endanger him/herself or others. No refund of any lodging fee paid shall be made in this situation as a disciplinary action.
  9. In case of emergency or in situation deemed necessary (e.g. major and urgent repair work in the living flat is required), the University maintains the right to call back the flat and re-allocate relevant students to other residences. Students shall obey the instruction of the University co-operatively.
  10. For those wishing hall staff to come to Off-campus Housing site, e.g. open doors, process check-in or check-out outside the official assigned date/time, an administrative cost of HK $200 shall be levied.

B) Other House Rules

Students shall:

  1. dress properly within the rental unit. A minimum T-shirt and shorts is recommended.
  2. maintain personal, the assigned room and the premises’ cleanliness and hygiene at all times.
  3. clean up after cooking and keep the kitchen clean at all times.
  4. lock the door properly and safeguard his/her personal belongings in the House. The University assumes no responsibility for any loss of or damage to any personal belongings.
  5. switch off all lights, air-conditioners and boilers whenever he/she leaves the room and the premises and economize on electricity and water at all times.
  6. be responsible for all the keys assigned for their use and shall not duplicate the keys and lend them to any person. A charge of HK$50 unless otherwise specified will be levied for a piece of lost key.

Students shall NOT:

  1. gamble, smoke and drink of alcoholic beverages  in the house
  2. create noise and play rowdy games  between 23:00 and 09:00
  3. exchange or swap rooms without prior approval. Unauthorized exchange or swap rooms will be charged a penalty of HK$500.
  4. bully roommates by any undue means.
  5. disclose the security code of the main entrance to any person.
  6. remove, damage or interfere with any facilities, furniture, fittings, fixtures and fabrics in the assigned room and installed for common use in the premises, nor affix anything or paint or make any alteration and addition whatsoever inside the premises or to the exterior of the premises.
  7. hang clothes at windows or in the areas commonly used by the roommates.
  8. place personal belongings or rubbish in the corridor, stairway or lobby.
  9. bring into the assigned room and the premises:
    • any dangerous drugs as defined in Section 2 of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134);
    • fireworks, firearms, ammunition or weapons of any forms;
    • highly combustible materials (e.g., burning of candles, incense) of any forms; and
    • hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids.
    • Pets or animals


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