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General Information of Student Lockers in 18/19


  • Full-time & Part-time students are eligible for application.

  • Students studying programmes offered by College of Professional & Continuing Education (CPCE) are not eligible to apply.

  • A maximum of ONE locker would be allocated to each eligible student.


$30 (one-off non-refundable) for locker rental till 20 July 2019.

Rental of student locker

Each successful applicant, after settling the payment of HK$30, will be allocated with a locker for use till end of examination period of summer semester of the said academic year. All users should take note of the deadline of 20 July 2019 when their lockers are expected to be vacated for routine cleaning and annual maintenance. Centre STARS reserves the right to force open any locker(s) to remove any items which are found inside lockers after the deadline of 20 July 2019. An administrative cost of $100 (subject to change) would be charged on users who fail to do so as a penalty.

How to apply?Online application via locker system at
Application period From 29 August 2018, first-come-first-served.
Method of application/allocation


Remarks 1
Details please refer to the “payment deadline” in locker system.

Commencement of use of locker

Applicants please check the locker number from the locker system direct after receipt of our email for confirming payment. No further notification will be issued.

Successful locker applicant should be:
1) print from locker system the page which showed your personal details & assigned locker number. (Printer facility is available at Centre STARS counter during 3 Sep - 14 Sep for this purpose for your convenience.)
2) prepare your own padlock.
3) stick the locker number on your padlock with a label.
4) pass padlock as well as the printout with your personal details and locker number to Centre STARS counter.

You could use the locker within 3 working days after provision of padlock & no further reminder will be issued.

Successful applicants should lock his/her assigned locker with high quality steel padlock with base of 35-40mm at all times after the locker is ready to use. 

Termination/ Withdrawal/ Completion of Study

Early return of locker is required in case of:

  • Graduation or completion of study
  • Termination of study
  • Deferment of study
  • Withdrawal of study
  • Change of Academic Programme

In the above circumstances, users have to vacate and unlock their lockers as soon as possible and within one month, failing that, our Office will force open any locker(s) and dispose of any items which are found inside lockers.

Students who have their student ID changed are required to report to our Office as soon as possible. Our Office may classify locker users whose student status switched to non-active mode as termination of use of locker.  In such cases, our Office will force open any locker(s) and dispose of any items which are found inside lockers after the one-month grace period.

Important Advice

Lockers are allocated to students for storing study related items e.g. books, notes, stationery and related academic materials for convenience of study. Storage of any items that would cause or likely to cause danger or nuisance to the environment or other members of the University e.g. explosives, pets are prohibited. Students are advised not to store any valuable belongings such as cash, digital devices, personal identity documents, etc. in the lockers.  The University will not be responsible for the security, loss nor damage of the property kept inside the lockers.  Students should take full responsibility of items stored in their lockers.  In case of theft, students are advised to report to the Campus Security Control Centre (Room P111).

Students must keep their lockers locked at all times.

Students should prepare their own padlocks. High quality steel padlocks with base of 35-40mm wide are recommended. Combination padlocks or other padlocks are not recommended for security reasons.

"Warning & Tips (padlocks)"

Lockers are not transferable.  Successful applicants must be responsible for all items stored in their assigned lockers.

The following lockers, located inside buildings, will be subject to the opening hours of the buildings announced by FMO:

 1/F Core A   3/F Corridor AG            4/F & 5/F Core C          
 7/F Corridor CD    3/F Corridor CF    3/F & 5/F Core D
 3/F & 7/F Corridor DE      3/F & 4/F Core E  3/F Corridor EF
 3/F & 4/F Core F  G/F & 4/F Corridor FJ      1/F Core G
 G/F Corridor GH  P/F Corridor HJ  1/F Core M
 3/F Core P  3/F Corridor PQ  4/F Corridor QR
 P/F Block U  G/F Block VA  4/F & 5/F Block Y
 1/F & 3/F Block Z    

General opening hours of Buildings (subject to change by Facilities Management Office)
Mondays – Fridays: 7:00am – 11:00pm
Saturdays: 7:00am – 7:00pm
Sundays & Public holidays: Closed

Successful locker applicants should inform Centre STARS by emailing to or via if they have vacated their lockers for returning to Centre STARS before 20 July 2019.

Students should comply with regulations governing the use of lockers.

Deadline for clearance 20 July 2019
Locker fee HK$30 (one-off non-refundable)


Special Message for locker users on old terms: locker users who have been using locker services since 2010 can enjoy locker service till graduation.

Supporting Services

Students should keep their keys for opening padlocks in good custody and are recommended to use padlocks of high quality. If students really need our help for following situations, please come IN PERSON and note that we would generally provide such service within 5 working days:

a. Key lost
b. Padlock out of order
c. Locker occupied by unauthorized users

Room QT308, 3/F (Entrance at Core T)
Tel: 2766 6800

Opening hours of Reception counter:
Mondays to Fridays: 09:00 – 19:00
Saturdays: 09:00 – 12:00
Sundays & Public Holidays: Closed


Last Update: August 2018

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