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My Encounter with Ancient Chinese Women

Art is a gateway for us to travel through time and gain insight to the past. By appreciating ancient art pieces, we can have a glimpse of people’s lives during that particular era. As a world renowned sculptor and art lover, Professor Norman W.M. Ko had visited countless museums over the world, and took many photographs of art pieces such as sculptures, statues, and potteries, with a particular interest in female representation in Chinese art. He will share his encounters with these ancient Chinese women, from the Neolithic age to the Sui and Tang dynasties, and highlight how these women are represented in different periods.

Date:          12 October 2017 (Thursday)

Time:          6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Venue:       Multi-function Hall, Alumni Atrium, 1/F, Chung Sze Yuen Building, PolyU

Language:  English

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Speaker’s Biography

Conferred as PolyU University Fellow in 2012/2013, Professor Ko is an expert in fluid dynamics and acoustics and a pioneer in the control of noise pollution in Hong Kong. He is the Emeritus Professor and Honorary Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of The University of Hong Kong. Professor Ko is also a world renowned sculptor. He has held 25 one-man exhibitions in sculpture, painting, underwater photography, photography and installation, and 70 joint exhibitions. He staged his first-ever one-man, outdoor sculpture exhibition in Hong Kong as the grand finale of the PolyU Arts Festival in 2009, and served as Artist-in-Residence at PolyU in 2012.





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