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TSAI Choi Kwan

Name:  TSAI Choi Kwan   Picture of Tsai Choi Kwan
Programme:  Higher Diploma in International Transport Logistics 
Hobbies:  Working out, watching inspirational films  
Achievements:  Member of Hong Kong National Basketball Team 

Tsai Choi Kwan developed a passion for basketball as early as when he was in P.4. Even at that age, he was already playing with 17 to 18-year-olds at the basketball courts close to his home after afternoon school. He loved the sport because it offers unlimited room for improvement. 

Choi Kwan’s determination to improve was tested when he transferred from a Chinese secondary school to an EMI school in F.4. Being new to the basketball team there, he had to work upwards from the bottom once again. Looking back, he found that school year very tough indeed as he was only assigned to be a reserve in competitions. However, he made use of the time to refine his skills as an individual player. In F.6, he was finally assigned to play on the court and helped win the championship for his school.

Basketball having been such a big part of Choi Kan’s life, he hopes to become a professional basketball player one day, and eventually be a basketball coach. He is already currently coaching primary school basketball teams, and enjoys the process of building relationships and communicating with others through coaching. He would like to encourage his fellow schoolmates firstly to accept that while we live in a competitive society, the circumstances of all our starting points are different.

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