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SHUEN Chun Kit, Jeffrey

Name:  SHUEN Chun Kit, Jeffrey 

Programme:  High Diploma in Building Technology and Management (Surveying) 
Hobbies:  Listening to music, gaming, watching films, playing the piano 

Men's Team Champion, USFHK Cross Country Race 2015
Half Marathon Boys' Junior 2nd Runner-up, Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2016

Of course, as an outstanding athlete, it is always a joy to have your talent and achievements lauded. However, that is only one side of the coin. The other side of it is that it takes an unbelievable amount of commitment and sacrifice to keep your skills in shape. This is so for Shuen Chun Kit, Jeffrey.

Before entering PolyU, Jeffrey spent his first four secondary school years at a school in Shatin before he was invited to transfer to an EMI school. He actually started off as a swimmer in P.1, but after participating in a triathlon towards the end of primary school, he discovered the benefits of running. Since then, he has focused on that as his major sporting event.

Jeffrey is honoured to have had the opportunity to travel to different countries for triathlon competitions, such as Canada for the Triathlon World Championships, Japan and Kazakhstan. These opportunities have also enabled him to form tight friendships with his teammates, and they are what he treasures the most about his passion. At the same time, however, the journey has its immense hurdles as well. Jeffrey has made the difficult choice time and time again to sacrifice his time to follow his passion. Very often, that choice is not understood by other people. As he shares this, he hopes to solicit more understanding from the people around him.

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