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KWOK Ka Fai, Alex

Name:  Kwok Ka Fai, Alex 

Programme:  High Diploma in Building Technology and Management (Surveying)
Hobbies:  Meeting new friends, eating, relaxing, listening to music

Broke 2 individual records in USFHK Aquatic Meet for consecutively two years
Current member of Hong Kong National Swimming Team 

Kwok Ka Fai Alex has an incredible story to tell behind his impressive sports achievements. While he did start taking swimming lessons at 5 years old, he did not train intensively until he was in S3. He professes that he is by nature a complacent person, but when he discovered he had a great deal of raw potential, he developed the motivation to work hard on his swimming. He eventually joined the Hong Kong National Swimming Team in his S5 year.

Looking back, Alex is proudest of the fact that he has been able to widen his exposure through travelling to different places for swimming competitions, such as Malaysia, Korea and the US. He sees these opportunities as the results of his hard work and commitment. He has considered being a full-time swimmer upon graduation if he qualifies, seeing that he has almost made the B-range of the Olympics swimming targets.

Looking at his achievement record, you would never think that Alex almost gave up on swimming twice, once more memorably when he had just started to train for swimming seriously. Other swimmers who had been training from a young age were skeptical of his abilities. Because of this, in his experience, it is indeed very easy to give yourself excuses to give up on something you are working hard at. One of the few reasons he chose not to was because he did not want to be limited by other’s perception of himself. He would like to encourage his fellow schoolmates not to listen to the voices persuading you to give up when you are working toward a target.

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