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O Yan Yan, Yannie

Name:  O Yan Yan, Yannie   Picture of Yannie O
Programme:  Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design  
Hobbies:  Playing piano, crocheting 
Achievements:  Member of Disney ImagiNations design competition winning team  

O Yan Yan Yannie’s journey was rather different from most – she was studying arts as part of an associate degree when she realised she was not suited for the subject, so she opted to take the HKDSEs, focusing on science subjects, alongside doing her associate degree. She eventually matriculated using her HKDSE results, picking engineering due to influence from her little sister, who spread to Yannie her curiosity about what makes things work. 

Like the rest of her teammates, Yannie discovered a lot about herself through working on this design competition. Before, she would wonder whether she inclined more towards the innovative design aspect of product engineering or the product analysis aspect of it. She learned that personality-wise, while some people around her may be more imaginative and creative, she tends to approach things with more care. Therefore, she is better suited for product testing. This may be an area she wants to invest her future in.

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