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Quick Facts about PolyU Scholarships and Bursaries

PolyU gives recognition to academically outstanding students admitted to its full-time undergraduate programmes by granting them entry scholarships, which are offered by the University, HKSAR Government or donors and cover tuition fee in full/partial and/or living expenses. Besides, non-academic entry scholarships of varying amounts are also awarded to students with outstanding achievement in sports, arts, leadership, music, community services or others.      Quick facts:
    • Around 380 and 80 academic entry scholarships were awarded to new local and non-local students respectively in 2016/17.
    • Students came from different countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and the United States.
    • For 2017/18 admission, PolyU will award entry scholarships to local students with outstanding HKDSE / IB / GCE A-level results.
With the donations from private organizations, firms, professional bodies, individuals and the Government funds, PolyU recognizes the academic achievements of students by offering post-entry academic scholarships/prizes of different values.      Quick facts:
    • In 2016/17, PolyU honored the academically outstanding students of various disciplines by offering over 1,950 academic post-entry scholarships/prizes totaling at around $38 million with the generous support from the donors and the Government.
    • The scholarship value normally ranges from $8,000 to around $80,000.
    • The scholarship awardees are usually nominated by the heads of academic departments, in consultation with the staff of the department concerned.
The PolyU Student Exchange Programme finances students to study abroad during summer break or regular semester to broaden their global outlook, explore and develop their potential and increase their competitiveness for career development while fulfilling the requirements of their academic programmes at PolyU.      Quick facts:
    • In 2016/17, around 950 outbound exchange places for full-time degree students.
    • In 2016/17 (as of March 2017), over 160 exchange scholarships were offered to students.
    • The value of scholarship normally ranges from HK$10,000 to HK$60,000 depending on the destination for exchange.
Service-Learning Scholarship The Service-Learning (SL) Scholarship Scheme was launched in 2013 by the Office of Service-Learning to give recognition to students with outstanding performance in SL subjects. It also encourages students to further engage in community services and to share their experiences as SL Student Leaders. The Scheme provides structural trainings to equip the awardees with leadership skills and conducts regular mentoring sessions in order to support the awardees in problem-solving and reflection.        Quick facts:
    • In 2016/17, around 3,900 full-time undergraduate students are expected to enroll in 67 service-learning subjects.
    • We aim to set up 100 service-learning scholarships to recognize students’ performance.
Sports Scholarships, which are mainly offered by the University in the form of entry scholarships and amounting up to the tuition fee level, are awarded to students who have reached an international level of performance with outstanding achievements in his/her sports areas.   A small number of scholarships offered by donors are also available to recognize students with outstanding sports achievements.        Quick facts:
    • In 2016/17 (as at 21 March 2017), PolyU Sports Team captured 11 gold medals in Inter-U competitions, including Athletic (M), Cross-country (M&W), Handball (M&W), Squash (W), Swimming (M), Table Tennis (W), Taekwondo (W), Tennis (W) and Volleyball (W).
Bursary The PolyU Bursary Scheme provides supplementary assistance to financially needy students whose necessary study and living expenses cannot be covered by government assistance and/or their family/personal resources. The bursaries can alleviate students’ financial pressure and help them concentrate on their studies and personal development.      Quick facts:
    • In 2016/17, around 500 bursaries totaling HK$4.2 million have been offered to financially needy undergradaute students with the generous support of our donors.
    • The bursary value normally ranges from $6,000 to $10,000.
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