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Survival French for the Chinese Visitor

Course no.: 03-01-EXC-13041-A/B


Whether students are planning a trip to France, would like to work in a French company, or are just interested in France and French, this course is ideal for them. It will give students a better understanding of the French people, language and culture through a discussion of real examples and cases. Students will see different aspects and angles of France, and they will hear stories that were never shown on TV or reported in newspapers. They will also learn how to survive in a French environment, and learning activities will be stress-free and fun.



After taking this course, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Introduce themselves and their family
  2. Describe people and a living environment
  3. Talk about daily activities and habits
  4. Talk about what they like and dislike
  5. Order food at a restaurant
  6. Do shopping
  7. Ask for direction



Class A & B Date





Feb 28

Class A:

Class B:

Class A & B:

Foreword: Reasons for learning French / French alphabet and accents / Asking for someone’s name / Saying your name / Greeting someone / Asking how someone is / Saying how you are / Saying goodbye / Importance of politeness in France


Mar 6

Saying your age (numbers), nationality, occupation, where you live and which language you speak / Asking other people’s personal information and introducing them / Question to never ask to French people


Mar 13

Saying the parts of the body / Describing a person’s basic appearance and personality / Talking about the clothes a person wears / Fashion in France


Mar 20

Talking about family and home / Discussing relationships / Talking about family activities / Talking about pets / Some activities of a typical French family / Pet culture in France


Mar 27

Saying the days of the week / Talking about hobbies and interests (sport, music and other leisure activities) / Expressing likes, dislikes, preferences / Popular hobbies in France


Apr 3

Saying the parts of the day / Saying the different meals of the day / Talking about food and drink / Eating and drinking out, ordering a dish or a coffee, and paying the bill / Giving basic opinions / Popular foods and drinks in France


Apr 17

Shopping / Identifying some French shops and what they sell / Saying what you want to buy / Asking for a price / Things to know about shopping in France


Apr 24

Talking about places in a town / Asking for, understanding and giving directions to places / Talking about means of transport / Places to visit in Paris


English & French




Mr Michael Alexandre LE CARDINAL
Visiting Lecturer at the Department of English of PolyU

Michael was born in France. He studied Cinema and Audiovisual at the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris). He taught French in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools.

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