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Personal Financial Management: The Core 4 Pillars

Course no.: 02-01-EXC-12241-A /B


Managing your finances is one of the most important issues you must handle in your life. It is the difference between living a life your handed or living the life you choose! This is a self-contained and non-technical introductory course to all students interested in having a better control over their financial life. The course will address many critical personal financial planning topics in order to help students learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout their lifetime. The course will not make anyone a financial expert, it will, however, provide the solid foundation students need to understand the language of budgeting and financial planning.



  • Identify the Core 4 Principles of Personal Financial Planning
  • Time value of money
  • How to manage your cash and savings in order to make better financial decisions
  • Using Credit and Personal loans
  • Personal Investments: Basics of stock markets and investments
  • How insurance works
  • The interplay between investments, credit and insurance
  • The importance of saving for retirement sooner rather than later



Class A Date (Thur)

Class B Date (Thur)





28 Feb

28 Mar

Class A & B: 18:30-20:30


Class A & B: R408

Class A on 5 Mar: R406 (*NEW)


Overview of personal financial planning and 4 core pillars: Identifying major financial needs and path to financial security


5 Mar (Tue)

(*changed date)


4 Apr

Managing cash, savings and using personal loans


14 Mar


11 Apr

Personal investments: rules of investing – debt; equity; mutual funds; ETFs


21 Mar


18 Apr

Managing risk:  insurance and retirement planning






Mr Clive Ho

Clive has been teaching undergraduate and MBA programme in Finance for The University of Hong Kong as a demonstrator since 2007. And he concurrently holds a part-time lecturer appointment with the University of London (International programme) in HKU SPACE, mainly teaching Year 2 finance core course.



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