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Arduino Elementary Level
Arduino 基礎課程

Course no.: 01-01-EXC-11181-A


Arduino is an open-source microcontroller. This course is designed to teach students the most basic principles of electronic circuits, uses of the Arduino board to interface with a variety of electronic hardware, and software settings. The topics cover basic electronic circuits, C Programming and the basic operation of the Arduino board and sensors.


Purpose 課程目的:

  • To learn to use Arduino system to control the basic technology of some devices. 
  • To understand and operate the Arduino system with "real-world" electronic interface settings.
    了解並操作Arduino系統與 「真實世界」的電子接口設置。
  • At the end of the course, students are expected to have enough knowledge and confidence to start their own Arduino project.

Session 節數

Date 日期 (Tue)

Time 時間

Venue 地點

Contents 內容


8 Oct

09:30 - 11:30


  • Introduce the basic knowledge of Electronics Technology.
  • Basic operation of C language
    C 語言的基本操作
  • Overview of Arduino Board
  • Arduino Basic Programming
  • Basic operation of Input and Output Sensors. E.g. 3-color LED control, sound experiment, PWM phtometric contol, motor control, RC servo control, basic I / O control, bluetooth control etc.
  • 輸入和輸出傳感器的基本操作,例如:三色LED控制,發聲實驗,PWM光度控制,電機控制, RC伺服控制,基本I / O控制,藍牙控制等。


15 Oct


22 Oct


29 Oct

Language 語言

Cantonese 廣東話



Instructor 導師

Mr Chris Ma 馬偉雄先生
Associate Engineer at the Industrial Centre IC of PolyU香港理工大學工業中心副工程師

Chris has over 24 years’ experiences of teaching electronics and computer training courses. He received the President's Awards in Overall Achievement of General Grade at 2001. He has experience in embedded systems development using PIC, 8051 and Arduino, etc. He is also a course programming consultant of School of Design, PolyU.

Chris 擁有超過24年的電子和計算機培訓教學經驗。他曾於2001年獲頒「校長特設優秀員工/傑出成就獎」。他對於使用 PIC8051Arduino 等嵌入式系統開發方面有豐富的經驗。他亦是理大設計學院的課程編程顧問。


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