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Master your Growth



Master Your Growth - Life Planning and Coaching Programme

成長達人– 生涯導向計劃

Ready for Challenge & Dare for Breakthrough…Here and Now!
挑戰自我 • 敢於突破…從現在開始!


Life is full of choices, everything that happens to us in life is the result of our choices. The choices you make today will influence our life tomorrow.

“Master Your Growth” (MYG) aims to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as equip the skill of goal setting and strategic planning through the inspiration camp and individual coaching, afterward elaborate their planning into actions, to help students break though their comfort zone and further develop themselves.

Programme content and event

Programme content

Date / Time frame


Inspiration Camp

23 – 24 Sept, 2017

Self-exploration: helping students to gain more self-understanding, and know more about their strengths and weakness. As a result, to help to figure out the plan of life

Individual coaching sessions
(at least 6 sessions)

Sem 1
wk4 – wk11
Sem 2
wk1 – wk11

Through individual coaching sessions, students are able to talk with SLAs to further explore their pathway

My U-life Story booklet

Throughout the journey

A booklet for students to record down their “journey”

Focus group interview

Sem 1 – wk11
Sem 2 – wk11

To review and evaluate the process with students


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