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Entrepreneurship Development

The Office of Student Development (OSD) strives to promote the entrepreneurship development of PolyU students. We believe that every PolyU student should embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, which includes the ability to innovate for advancement and solve problems, the capacity to take risks, the commitment to “do well” and excel in his/her undertaking, and the vision to “do good” for the betterment of society. We commit to arouse students’ awareness and incentive in entrepreneurial spirit by providing fundamental entrepreneurship learning opportunities and promoting the exchange of inventive ideas and entrepreneurial experiences.

 Fundamental Education Programme (FEP) on Entrepreneurship Development

Elementary Workshop: Social Entrepreneurship
Date: Feb 1, 8, Mar 1, 8 (Thursday)
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Venue: V302
Content: Basic concept and functions of Social Entrepreneurship; Discovering personal vision and strength in Social Entrepreneurship

Target participants: Full-time students from all majors who are interested in Social Entrepreneurship
Programme fee: $50 for ES members; $100 for non-members
Advanced Workshop: Idea Generation & Business Plan Writing
Date: Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12 (Monday)
Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Venue: Y409
Content: Design Thinking and Business Plan Writing

Target participants: Full-time students from all majors who need the practical skills to consolidate their ideas for entrepreneurship competition or fund application
Programme fee: $50 for ES members; $100 for non-members
Instructor: Dr. Gigi Au-Yeung (Profile)
Dr. Gigi Au-Yeung is a full stack scholar and entrepreneur in the fields of design, engineering, life science, biotechnology, encironment, social innovation and business.  She is currently the Innovation Director of Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited.
Students who attend 3 out of 4 lessons will receive a certificate of Fundamental Education Programme (FEP) issued by OSD, PolyU.  Besides, you will receive one FEP point for attending each session.  The FEP points will count towards your application in our upcoming Entrepreneurship Study Tour*.

*Overseas entrepreneurship study tour will be held in May 2018.  Details will be released later on.

Please come to ST302 to register and pay the programme fee.
Registration Deadline:
Advanced Workshop: 
18 Jan 2018
Elementary Workshop: 30 Jan 2018 (extended)

Office hours: Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 12:50 & 14:00 – 18:00
Enquiry: Ms. Jenny Lam (3400 2597 /

 FEP poster

In the year 2017/18, OSD will offer the Fundamental Education Programme (FEP) Points Scheme. The accumulative FEP points will enhance your priority in joining our Advanced Learning Opportunities (ALO). The ALO 2017/18 includes Entrepreneurial Study Tours, overseas conference and symposium, etc.

Programme / Activities leading to FEP Points

- Entrepreneurship workshops
- Seminars & visits
- Self-initiated overseas learning opportunities 
(e.g. supported by GSAP, CMOAF or others)
- Activities organized by ES of OSD, PolyU
- Other entrepreneurship activities recognized by OSD

Entrepreneurship Society (ES) of OSD, PolyU

The Entrepreneurship Society of OSD, PolyU was founded in November 2015. Being led by a team of creative, passionate and talented students from different faculties and schools, it provides a platform for students to get connected for the exchange of innovative ideas and entrepreneurship experiences. All full-time students are welcome to join the society and take part in their awesome activities!
Upcoming events will be listed on the Facebook Page of Entrepreneurship Society of OSD, PolyU.

Our Objectives:
INSPIRE: Arouse awareness and motivation in innovative and entrepreneurial spirit
LEARN: Provide fundamental entrepreneurship training
NETWORK: Facilitate the sharing of innovative ideas and entrepreneurial experience among peers

Member Benefits: 

- Free society t-shirt
- Unlimited access to activities and trainings organized by the Society
- Exclusive overseas entrepreneurial study tours (i.e. for members only)
- News and updates on entrepreneurial events organized by PolyU or external organizations
- Opportunities to represent PolyU in inter-university activities and competitions
- Recruitment information on startup internship / volunteer work
- An excellent platform to network with students from other faculties to form teams for entrepreneurial projects (e.g. PolyU micro-fund)
- … and more! 

Membership fee: HK$50

Membership period: from registration until graduation
- Full member: All full-time undergraduate degree students in PolyU
- Associate
 member: Full-time postgraduate students and exchange students in PolyU

Enquiry / Registration: 


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