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26 Sep  Prof. George Woo and Dr Larry Ng   Eye Checks for Elderly Drivers to Improve Road Safety
20 Sep  Dr Chea-su Kee Smart portable corneal topographer for characterizing corneal shape in young children
18 Sep Dr Jeffrey Leung
  • Medical Inspire
Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Wearers
2 Sep Dr Ronnie Huang
  • RTHK TV "830Magazine"
Children Eye Health and Myopia Management
22 Aug Dr Rachel Chun
  • HK01
Latest Myopia Control Measures for Schoolchildren
7 Aug Ms Mabel Leung
  • Healthy Seed
Would it be Too Early to be a Glasses Wearer at the Age of 3?
6 Aug Dr Jeffrey Leung
  • Medical Inspire
Impact of Daylight, Light and Blue Light on Eyes
1 Apr Prof. George Woo and Prof. Chiho To
  • China Glasses Science-Technology Magazine
Development of PolyU School of Optometry
21 Mar Dr Andrew Lam and Ms Jessica Ma
  • HK01
The role and scope of practice of optometrists
25 Feb Dr Jeffrey Leung
  • Apple Daily
Is Blue Light Filter or Dark Mode Useful for Protecting Eyesight?
14 Feb Prof. Chi-ho To, Prof. Carly Lam and Dr Dennis Tse
  • AM730
PolyU-led research projects secure $27.8m funding from RGC to enhance the community’s health and well-being
21 Jan

Dr Dennis Tse

  • Sing Tao Daily
PolyU myopia control technology extends impact into Greater Bay Area
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