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RGC General Research Fund

Principal Investigators Co-Investigators Project Title Funding Awarded
Dr Henry Chan  Dr Alex Lap-ki Ng
(The University of Hong Kong)

Dr Lydia Yu
Treatment effect of tropical application of low-concentration (0.01%) atropine on the human eye with fast and slow myopia progression rate as classified by electro-retinal responses - A randomized controlled trial HK$701,949
Dr Allen Cheong  Dr Leonard Sheung-wai Li
(Tung Wah Hospital, Sheung Wan, HK)

Dr Wing-hong Li
(University of California-Berkeley, USA)

Dr Hong Lee
(School of Nursing, PolyU, HK)

Dr Richard Li
(Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, HK)

Dr Larry Abel
(University of Melbourne, Australia)

Dr Anne Yin-yan Chan
(Prince of Wales Hospital, HK)

Dr Yuk-fai Cheung
(Queen Elizabeth Hospital, HK)
Oculomotor deficits in Parkinson’s Disease: Enhancing eye movement performance and dynamic visual acuity with oculomotor training using a randomized clinical trial design HK$1,024,530
Dr Bin Lin Prof. Wen-biao Gan
(New York University School of Medicine, USA)
TAK1 mediates inflammatory responses and photoreceptor death in retinitis pigmentosa HK$1,326,000
Prof. Chi-ho To Dr Rosana Gerometta
(Universidad Nacional Del Nordeste (UNNE), Argentina)

Prof. Oscar A. Candia
(Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA)

Dr Sze-wan Shan

Dr Ka-man Chun
The effect of tissue plasminogen activator on corticosteroid-induced ocular hypertension in sheep – a next generation proteomic study HK$705,584


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