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If the development of myopia in Chinese is genetically controlled but dependent on exposure to an environmental factor or factors, then it is, to a greater or lesser degree, preventable.

The Centre for Myopia Research was named as a Faculty Area of Strategic Development in 1999, Centre researchers have been working on a wide range of issues related to myopia, from gene mapping to clinical trials. In addition to our basic and applied research, we have raised public awareness in regard to myopia through newspaper, magazine and television interviews, we have provided continuing education for the public and for health care professionals, and we have offered public service programmes. This research centre is generally considered as one of the leaders in the field.

General aims of the Centre:

-     To reduce and control myopia progression, and in the longer term, to prevent myopia.

-     To provide current and scientifically validated information about myopia to the public and health care professions.

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