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PDP focuses on building up student’s core competencies conducive to all-round development. A SPECIAL framework has been worked out to facilitate students' personal fulfillment in the university years and also develop further their pathway towards success in future. Training content includes: creative & critical thinking, learning strategies, time management, love & dating, teamwork, EQ & AQ, stress management and personality testing.
The SPECIAL programmes will be organized throughout the academic year to help students develop the transferable skills. We may also offer tailor-made programmes for you if you can find a group of 10 students who share a common topic. You’re welcome to enrol into the PDP and progress at your own pace.

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For programmes in Sep & Oct, the enrollment will be started on 27 Aug 2012
For programmes in Nov & Dec, the enrollment will be started on 8 Oct 2012

Please register through SAMS at

  • Click ‘Developmental Programmes/Fitness Introductory Course’ of Programme Registration, then login;
  • Click ‘Programme Search’, search programme of ‘Personal Development’ or ‘Psychological Testing’ in ‘Programme Area’

Remarks: Programmes are mainly conducted in English unless specified otherwise.

Target: PolyU full-time & part-time students

Enrollment Fees: Nil

Students who have 100% attendance in any workshop chosen (most of the workshops are in single session) will be:-

  • counted as a partial fulfillment of the Mandatory Co-curricular Graduation Requirement (CCA 必修課外發展活動要求)
    • CCA Fulfilment Status - Students may check their CCA Fulfilment Status in SPECIAL ePortfolio at
    • Click < myProfile > Select < SPECIAL Score > after you get into your ePortfolio.
  • recognized in the Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT課外發展證書) in accumulated hours (Remark 1 ( under "Personal Effectiveness Training Programme" around the end of the academic year.
  • earn points for their future application for the All-round Development SPECIAL Award.
Roll Call
Students must be punctual and attend the whole programme session.
  • If you are late for 30 minutes after the commencement of class, you would be counted as absent.
  • If you leave before the end of the session, the trainer reserves the right to take/not to take your attendance.

A student feedback questionnaire on the programme will normally be distributed at the end of the course.

Service Charter


  1. The hours of attendance will be accumulated across your years of study in PolyU under the same Student ID No.
  2. If the no. of attendance of the programme session is less than 5 (from 2 to 4), the session will be counted as Personal Counselling Group in CAT.

Enquiries: / 2766 5422