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To provide campus work opportunities to needy students to afford daily expenses by engaging in departmental work and serving the university community on a part-time/temporary basis 


All full-time sub-degree, undergraduate and taught postgraduate students* are eligible for the Scheme (Associate Degree and foundation year students are excluded)

Non-local students studying at PolyU with at least one academic year are also eligible 


Online Registration:

Online registration via ePortfolio* (http://www.polyu.edu.hk/sao/special/portal):

My Application --> Work-on-campus Scheme --> My Work-on-campus Scheme Application (fill in your personal details with skills and available timeslots) --> myResume and "Submit"

If you are taught postgraduate student, please contact us at 2766 6794 before registration. 


Email: saetcw@polyu.edu.hk

Tel: 2766 6794


Remuneration to Students (unless otherwise specified):

Hourly rate: HK$50 (for new appointments/re-appointments offered on or after 1 May 2013)


Notes to Non-local Students

a. Non-local students of full-time degree programmes can take up part-time on-campus employment for not more than 20 hours per week, [off-campus employment is allowed during the summer months from 1 June to 31 August]. 
b. The Immigration Department would issue No Objection Letter (NOL) to all eligible students and all the terms and conditions would be stated in the NOL.
c. Part-time employment must take place on campus excluding any subsidiary and associated body of the University or its self-financing arms. If the work station is outside campus, the university should be the employer.
d. All departments/offices/units/designated operators are required to maintain the employment records of non-local students, if any, for two years for checking and investigation by the Immigration Department.
e. Non-local students may be required to sign undertaking regarding the regulations stipulated by the Immigration Department
f. Any breach of the above regulation will render students liable to prosecution and removal from Hong Kong under the Immigration Ordinance

Undertaking Sample (for Non-local Students)

Undertaking Sample on confidentiality & pirated software


Other Information:

Summary on Registration & Application Procedures

Guidelines to Students


Health & Safety Issues (HSEO)

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