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Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund 

Chinese Mainland and Overseas Activities Fund

Funds are available to encourage and subsidize individual full-time UGC funded students or student groups for organizing non-course required / non-credit bearing activities in Chinese mainland and overseas which are conducive to the promotion of the image of the University, establishment of links between the University and other Chinese or overseas institutions, and enhancement of understanding of China and other overseas countries. The activities should NOT be part of the formal course requirements and should either be initiated/ planned by the students themselves, or jointly organized with a department of the University. Subsidies will normally cover only part of the expenses incurred by an activity. Applications will be invited two times a year. The deadlines for the two rounds of application are 30 November 2012 (1st Round) and 28 March 2013 (2nd Round) respectively. Application details and forms can be downloaded from the following hyperlinks: