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Issue No. 148 (Feb 2014)

PolyU Stars - Outstanding Student Awards 2013
Mental Health Week – Lunch talk Series
Mental Health Week – Mental Health Workshops
Choose the Right Padlock for your Locker



Issue No. 147 (Dec 2013)

International Festival 2013
Experience a Colorful U-Life in Homantin Halls
Hunghom Hall E-Bulletin Issue Nov 2013


Issue No. 146 (Aug 2013)

2012-2013 Homantin Halls Year Book
Mental Health Ambassador Recruitment
A Simulation of Hall Life Experience at New Students’ Registration
Student Lockers 201314 - Online Application
International Student Ambassadors Scheme - Recruitment of Trainee Ambassadors 201314


Issue No. 145 (May 2013)

Personal Development Programme - Self-understanding for Personal/Career Development
Fund for Reaching out to the World – International Student Ambassador Scheme


Issue No. 144 (Apr 2013)

Application for Hall Residence 2013/14? & Summer Residence 2013
Homantin Halls Open House
Hall E-Bulletin Issue April 2013 – Application for Hall Residence
GSC PolyU Pre-Challenge
Freshmen Survival Tip Week 11 – Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Freshmen Survival Tip Week 13 – Are You Stressed before Finals?
Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT)


Issue No. 143 (Mar 2013)

Mental Health Week! – Positive Psychology Lunch Talks & Workshops
Hunghom Hall E-Bulletin Issue March 2013
Freshmen Survival Tip Week 6 – Say “Yes” to Say “No”!
Freshmen Survival Tip Week 9 – Resolve Conflicts in 3 Simple Steps!
Are U SPECIAL? Inviting entries...till 9 April 2013


Issue No. 142 (Feb 2013)

Winning Blogs of the Freshman Blog Contest
Personal Development Programme
New Mentors Wanted! - Peer Mentoring Programme
Boost your G.P.A. – Join Learning Enhancement Programme
International Student Ambassadors Scheme
Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony 2012
Hunghom Hall E-Bulletin Jan Issue 2013
Be My Valentine – Freshmen Survival Tip week 2
Are You in “Busy” Mode or “Hea” Mode? – Freshmen Survival Tip week 4


Issue No. 141 (Dec 2012)

Freshmen Survival Tip Week 13 – Professors Don’t Bite!
Freshmen Survival Tip Week 15 – Santa’s Reminder
New Look of Homantin Halls


Issue No. 140 (Nov 2012)

Mental Health Week
Let your Talent Shine - Freshmen Survival Tip Week 9
Emotional Health on Campus - Freshmen Survival Tip Week 11
UHS News - Online Health Talks on Stress Management and More...
Learning Enhancement Programme 2012/13
Hall E-Bulletin Issue Nov 2012



Issue No. 139 (Oct 2012)

Homantin Halls House Warming Dinner
International Student Ambassadors Sworn-in Ceremony
Nervous about In-class Presentation? - Freshmen Survival Tip Week 6
Mid-term Panadol - Freshmen Survival Tip Week 7
The Right Major for Me - Freshmen Survival Tip Week 8


Issue No. 138 (Sep 2012)

Freshmen Survival Tips
Freshmen Blogging Contest
Recruitment - Trainee International Student Ambassadors!
SPECIAL All-round Student Award Showcase
Induction Programme for New Tutors/Wardens


Issue No. 137 (July 2012)

Summer Greetings from Dorinda
Coloring your Ulife! -- Homantin New Halls


Issue No. 136 (June 2012)

HOT! Summer Personal Development Programmes
Four PolyU Students Grasped the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Awards 2012
Career Education and Training in June
Recruitment Talks to be held in academic year 2012/13
How to handle a Break Up...


Issue No. 135 (April 2012)

GSC PolyU Pre-challenge 2011/12
Be Prepared to Showcase your WIE Experience
List of Internship Opportunities
The Power of Doing One Thing at A Time


Issue No. 134 (March 2012)

Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony 2011
Highlights of the PolyU Job Fair 2012
Group Projects Drive You Mad?


Issue No. 133 (February 2012)

Reach Out to the World Now! - International Student Ambassador Scheme
International Cultural Gala
Celebrations of the 10th Anniversary of Student Halls
PolyU 75th Anniversary cum SU 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Love Language Quiz


Issue No. 132 (January 2012)

HKUYA ‘New Youth New World’ Summer Internship Programme – 2012 Application Opens
Nivea U Combat! 2011 - P. T. U.
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Issue No. 131 (December 2011)

Help Promote Local and Non-local Student Integration!
Winning Blogs of the Freshman Blog Contest
Get Ready for a Higher GPA with Learning Enhancement Programme
Announcement of Lucky Draw Winner for the WIE Exit Survey
Taking First Steps to Cultivate Cross-Cultural Friendship


Issue No. 130 (October 2011)

New Fan page for Career Services, let's 'Like'!
Looking for employment or training opportunities?
Job Hunt Clinic
A Brave New World?! - Freshmen Adjustment Tips
Your Chance to Meet the PolyU President!


Issue No. 129 (September 2011)

Welcome Freshmen! - First Year Experience Website
Be The BEST You Can Be - this personalized ePortfolio could get you one step closer to your goals.
2011 Award-Winning Portfolios: Showcase of the 16 all-round students
Career Preparation Progamme & Recruitment Talk in Sept
Mastering your Common Recruitment Examination (CRE)
"Mental Health Ambassadors” Recruitment


Issue No. 128 (August 2011)

The 26th Summer World University Games (12-23 August 2011)
2011 All China Universities Badminton Championship (26 July - 2 August 2011)
PolyU Running Team


Issue No. 127 (June 2011)

Beautiful Memories Captured -Hall Yearbook 2010/11
Grasp Graduate Job Opportunities in June
Grooming Student Entrepreneurs – GSC: PolyU Pre-Challenge
"Welcome to PolyU" Video Competition Results
Notice: Statutory Minimum Wage Ordinance
Plan your Summer with S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Issue No. 126 (May 2011)

Three PolyU Students Honoured with Outstanding Service Awards
Personal Development Programmes–Summer Schedule is out!
Congratulations to Five Awardees of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship
6 Keys to Happy Relationships


Issue No. 125 (April 2011)

Hall e-Bulletin Hall Festival Issue
2011/12 Government Financial Assistance for FT UGC-funded Students
From impossible to possible – The “Special Talk Series”
Recruitment Talk & Career Education Training in April
Beat exam stress!


Issue No. 124 (March 2011)

Newborn Star Students of the Year
Final call to All Students: Show Us Your “SPECIAL”ty!
Recruitment - Common Orientation Programme Faculty-based Peer Mentoring Programme 2011
PolyU Serving the Community with Heart
CareerNet eNewsletter
"Positivity Inception”


Issue No. 123 (January 2011)

Personal Development Programme
AQ and Emotional Competence
CareerNet Newsletter - Jan 2011
COP Bloggers winning grand prizes!!!


Issue No. 122 (November 2010)

Kick away your stress
CareerNet eNewsletter
International Cultural Gala


Issue No. 121 (October 2010)

Join our Career Training to Polish your job search skills
The International Cultural Gala
The Fruits of University Education


Issue No. 120 (September 2010)

Welcome Message from Director of Student Affairs
Pre-term Common Orientation Programme for Freshmen
Freshmen Bulletin from SPECIAL ePortfolio
Places for project discussion
A Showcase of Award-winning ePortfolios
CareerNet eNewsletter - Sep Issue 2010/11
CSLP in Sham Shui Po 理有「深」社區服務計劃
2010/11 Government Financial Assistance
2010/11 PolyU Financial Assistance Scheme
Welcome Issue of Hall e-Bulletin


Issue No. 119 (June 2010)

Personal Development Programmes
PGDP Summer Internship 2010 Updates
Award-winning Portfolios: SPECIAL All-round Student Award


Issue No. 118 (May 2010)

Make use of our career development services to prepare yourselves for "JOB HUNT"!
Mental Health Caring Project
Personal Growth in Counselling


Issue No. 117 (April 2010)

Sports Team Annual Prize Presentation
University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China Annual Prize Presentation
GSC: PolyU Pre-Challenge to groom student entrepreneurs
How your memory works?
Offshore Placement Subsidy Open for Application Now
Prepare for the Internship: Join Pre-placement Training Now
Hall E-magazine Issue 32


Issue No. 116 (March 2010)

New Job Board for student
Hall Festival 2010
2010/11 Government Financial Assistance
Ethics and Moral Education Programme
Ten Tips for Healthy Life and Happy Life
International Cultural Night
Hall E-magazine Issue 31


Issue No. 115 (February 2010)

Are you a Perfectionist?
2010 International Cultural Night
Stars Shone brightly in the Show
Key selling points of SPECIAL ePortfolio - Instructor View
CareerNet Newsletter - Feb issue
2009 Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony


Issue No. 114 (January 2010)

Community Service Award Presentation Cerermony
Join the Careers Group now!
A Quick Glimpse on Career Development Services
Places for project discussion
Student Common/Quiet Room S403
Photo collection campaign - Collective memory


Issue No. 113 (December 2009)

Career Education and Training for Registration
Conflict doesn't hurt
Let's Serve and Learn
Semester II PE Course
Fitness Assessment Phase II
PolyU Running Team
One Student One Sport


Issue No. 112 (November 2009)

PolyU's WIE - Reaching Out to the Real World
Join Career Training and Workshops Now
SPECIAL Talk Series 2009
From Foundation year seminars to Faculty seminars
Be an All-round Professional - Develop Your Generic Competencies
Studying in University BE “STRONG” to face academic challenges
PolyU student-athletes in Hong Kong East Asian Games 2009
WIE Portfolio Competition and Photo Competition Result
Hall E-magazine Issue 30


Issue No. 111 (October 2009)

Join PGDP, Get Offshore WIE Experience!
Making Friends in the University Life
General Health Questionnaire 2009
Hall E-magazine Issue 29


Issue No. 110 (September 2009)

Are you ready to be an independent learner? Let's get started.
Succeed in U life - A resourceful website for freshmen
Newsletter Issue No.2 (September 2009) ~ 7-day Philippines Service Trip 2009 ~
Hall E-magazine Issue 28
International Cultural Night 2009
CareerNet Newsletter - Oct Issue


Issue No. 109 (August 2009)

Wanna be SPECIAL? Join Complementary Studies Programme!
Recruitment of Sports Team
Enrolment of PE Courses
Keep Fit Campaign (Fitness Assessment)
PolyU Running Team
One Student One Sport
Champion in The China University Handball Competition 2009
Places for project discussion
Student Common/Quiet Room S403
Photo collection campaign - Share your life
CareerNet Newsletter - Sep Issue


Issue No. 108 (July 2009)

High Flyers’ Club - Philippines Service Trip
Community Service Learning Programme - Service Trip to Guang Dong
Memorable Summer with PGDP


Issue No. 107 (June 2009)

41 Outstanding Students Honoured the HKSAR Government Scholarship
Adventure-based Training for Physical and Psychological Wellness 2008/09
Leadership and Competence for Success Programme2.0


Issue No. 106 (May 2009)

High Flyers' Club Newsletter Issue No.1
Community Services Net
CareerNet Newsletter - May Issue


Issue No. 105 (April 2009)

GSC: PolyU Pre-Challenge to groom student entrepreneurs
3 simple tricks to combat exam stress - WH3
CSLP in Summer 2009
Ethics and Moral Education Programme
Leadership and Competence for Success Programme2.0
CSL Grants
Men's Overall 1st runner-up, Women's Overall 1st runner-up
PolyU Sports Team Annual Prize Presentation
CareerNet Newsletter - April issue


Issue No. 104 (March 2009)

CareerNet Newsletter - March Issue
2008 Outstanding Student Awards Presentation Ceremony
Hall E-magazine Issue 26
Hall Festival 2009
Leadership and Competence for Success Programme 2.0
External competition/activities
Photo Album of Recent Social and Cultural Activities


Issue No. 103 (February 2009)

SPECIAL ePortfolio for your all round development
CareerNet Newsletter February issue
Together We Can! 前路攜手創
PolyU Running Squad for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2009
Semi-final and Final Schedule for the Inter-universities Sports Competition
2009/10 Government Financial Assistance


Issue No. 102 (January 2009)

To Be or Not To Be? Exploring Your Ethical Values through Real Life Situations 如何抉擇?從生活中探索你的價值取向
Let’s talk about Sex: What are your ethical values behind sexual issues? 「性」勝在握?
Leadership and Competence for Success Programme
Student Success Series
CareerNet Newsletter January issue
Places for group project discussion or presentation (Semester 2, 2008/2009)


Issue No. 101 (December 2008)

Adventure-Based Training
PolyU Students Join Hands to Build a Caring and Harmonious Community
CareerNet Newsletter - Dec Issue


Issue No. 100 (November 2008)

CareerNet Newsletter - Nov Issue
Psychological and Mental Heath Caring Week 2008
General Health Questionnaire 2008
Self-Assessment of All-Round Development
Foundation Year Seminars in the Faculties
Hall E-magazine Issue 25


Issue No. 99 (October 2008)

Support in all aspects of your career development
PolyU Running Squad (Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2009)
Schedule of Inter-universities Sports Competition
Lunch Talk Series 2008
Community Service Learning Programme 2008
Cultural Activities in Student Halls of Residence
Photo album of social and cultural activities for non-local & exchange students in Sep, Oct 2008
SPECIAL Portfolio of Preferred Graduates 2008


Issue No. 98 (September 2008)

Succeed in U Life - A resourceful website for freshman
Be Smart, Be Prepared for Job Application


Issue No. 97 (August 2008)

Lunch Talk by PolyU Leaders
President's Lunch Talk
SPECIAL Awards for All-round Development


Issue No. 96 (July 2008)

Mental Health caring Week


Issue No. 95 (June 2008)

Leadership and Competence for Success Programme


Issue No. 94 (May 2008)

Hall Yearbook 2007/08
USFHK Annual Prize Presentation 大專周年頒獎禮
PolyU Sports Team Annual Prize Presentation 理大運動代表隊周年頒獎禮


Issue No. 93 (April 2008)

CSLP in Summer 夏日愛心行動 2008
"Add Oil and Good Luck" Soup 心靈加油湯
Induction Programme for New Office-bearers of Student Organizations
Recent openings for interns and graduates
輔導與你之每月一談 ~考試"必殺技"~


Issue No. 92 (March 2008)

Summer Internship Opportunities - Start Here
Pre-internship Training
Leadership and Competence for Success Programme 2.0 2007/08
Outstanding Student Awards 2007
Hall Festival 2008
輔導與你之每月一談 ~自我肯定~


Issue No. 91 (February 2008)

SPECIAL ePortfolio
PGDP Pre-Internship Training
Semi-final & Final for the Inter-Universities Sports Competitions
Hall E-magazine Issue 24
輔導與你之每月一談 ~抑鬱~


Issue No. 90 (January 2008)

Adventure-based Training and Entrepreneurship Action Project
Lunch Talk ' 愛 與 誠'
Community Service Learning Grants is now inviting application!!! Make a plan and serve the society now!!
2008 奧運體驗實習計劃
香港青年總會 - 共創新世界, 京, 滬暑期實習團
輔導與你之每月一談 ~焦慮~


Issue No. 89 (December 2007)

Workshops for Christmas in Student Halls
PGDP Pre-internship Training
Enrolment for Semester II Physical Education Course (16-27 Jan)
Fitness Assessment (28 Jan - 1 Feb)
輔導與你之每月一談 ~談情說愛~


Issue No. 88 (November 2007)

Career Consultation and Resume Clinic
2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007 at Macau
2007 All China University Fencing Championship at Shanghai
Inter-universities Cross-Country Race
Community Service Learning Programme 2007
Adventure-based Training and Entrepreneurship Action Project
23rd Issue of Hall E-Magazine
輔導與你之每月一談 ~談友誼~


Issue No. 87 (October 2007)

Start a SPECIAL journey, get a chance to win special prizes
PGDP Internship - Your Key to Career Success
Community Service Learning Programme 2007
General Health Questionnaire 2007
SAARD results 07
A Bowl of Warm and Tasty Soup from SAO's Counselling Team
International Cultural Night in Student Halls
Inter-universities Annual Aquatic Meet
Jackie Chan's Challenge Cup
輔導與你之每月一談 ~時間三面睇~


Issue No. 86 (September 2007)

SPECIAL Award for All-round Development
PolyU-IDT Innovative Entrepreneur Contest 07/08
Mid-Autumn Festival Nite 2007 in Student Halls
輔導與你之每月一談 ~新學年 新開始~


Issue No. 85 (August 2007)

Adventure-based Training and Entrepreneurship Action Project
Fitness Assessment
Physical Education Programme in Semester 1
Sports Team Recruitment Fortnight
Sports Participation Rewards Scheme
2007/08 PolyU Financial Assistance Scheme
輔導與你之每月一談 ~前途由我創~


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