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  Policy in Support of Open Access to Published Research  



To support PolyU academic community in disseminating research results widely and freely, at its 187th meeting on 20 January 2010, the Research Committee (RC) considered and approved the following open access policy for implementation from the beginning of the 2010/11 academic year:

PolyU academic and researchers are required to deposit electronic copies of their peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings (author's final accepted manuscript) in the PolyU Institutional Repository (PolyU IR) for open access, as of the date of paper publication. Full text of other research outputs should also be deposited where appropriate.

PolyU authors will provide to the University Library copies of their work and the University Library will determine publisher agreements permit deposit in institutional repositories for public access.  PolyU IR staff will check publishers' copyright agreements to ensure that the deposits are permitted.

The RC also agreed that a review of the policy be conducted three years after its implementation. See the RC discussion paper on Policy in Support of Open Access to Published Research for more information.

Academic and research staff can submit your published research through any one of the following channels:


full-text submission via Research Output System (ROS) page (http://www.polyu.edu.hk/ro/ros/), or


direct online submission to the PolyU IR (http://irmgt.lib.polyu.edu.hk/irdbms/), or


emailing your articles to the PolyU IR staff at lbir@polyu.edu.hk, or by


contacting your Faculty Librarians


Faculty Librarians

Faculty Librarian (FAST)

Mr Anthony Ho

2766 6860


Faculty Librarian (FB)

Mr William Ho

2766 6893


Faculty Librarian (FCE)

Ms Celia Chow

2766 6852


Faculty Librarian (FENG)

Ms Karen Chan

2766 6886


Faculty Librarian (FH)

Ms Kendy Lau

3400 3998


Faculty Librarian (FHSS)

Ms Cannis Li

2766 6859


Faculty Librarian (SD)

Ms Susanna Tsang

2766 6858


Faculty Librarian (SHTM)

Ms Doris Chan

2766 6908


For enquiries on the PolyU IR, please contact Senior Assistant Librarian (Collection Development), Ms Mei Li by phone: (852) 2766 6699 or by email: lbir@polyu.edu.hk.

This Policy will over time enable the rich peer-reviewed output of this University to be collected, showcased, and make available for worldwide access via the PolyU IR.