Language & Communication Requirements (LCR)

LCR aims to help you become an effective communicator by developing your language competence for academic and professional needs. All students are required to take 9 credits of LCR subjects, including English (6 credits) and Chinese (3 credits).

NeedToDo blue What you need to do: Complete two 3-credit English language subjects and one 3-credit Chinese language subject as pre-assigned according your language competence. (Click the following icons for more details)


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Important4 Additional language requirements 'Reading and Writing Requirements' in both English (ER/EW) and Chinese (CR/CW) are embedded in the CAR subjects for further development of your literacy skills. Please click here to learn more about these requirements. 

Important4 Important Note: If you are admitted as an Advance Standing student, a Senior Year Intakes student or through Articulation Degree Programmes, you may not be required to take the LCR subjects. Please refer to Senior Year Intakes/ Articulation Degree Programme for more details.