Cluster Area Requirements (CAR)

CAR aims to expand your intellectual capacity beyond disciplinary domains and to enable you to tackle professional and global issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

CAR includes broader range of academic subjects that use different paradigms, theoretical perpectives and methods of enquiry across the following four cluster areas. Click for the approved CAR subject list in each cluster area.

Human Nature, Relations
and Development
Community, Organization
and Globalization
 History, Culture and
World Views
Science, Technology and

In addition to the four clusters, there are three attributes embedded in some CAR subjects.


  1. China Studies Requirement (CSR) to help you understand aspects of Chinese culture, history and contemporary developments.
  2. English Writing and Reading Requirements (EW/ER) to further enhance your proficiency in English.
  3. Chinese Writing and Reading Requirements (CW/CR) to further enhance your proficiency in Chinese.

Important4 The CAR subjects with the Writing and Reading Requirements will demand more effort and attention on the language aspect in addition to the subject content. To further know about these requirements, please visit their website here.

NeedToDo blue What you need to do: Complete at least one 3-credit subject in each of the four areas, among which you have to fulfill the Reading and Writing Requirements in Chinese and English (ER/W and CR/W), and China Studies Requirement (CSR).

Useful Information for CAR Fulfillment

The list of CAR subjects (including the subject description) on offer

Interpreting GUR Subject Code

Double Fulfilment of DSR and CAR

Considerations for Choosing a CAR Subject

Library resources of CAR subjects

You can download the Guidance Notes for Choosing Cluster Area Requirements (CAR) for more updated guidance. 

Important4 Important Note: If you are admitted as an Advance Standing student, a Senior Year Intakes student or through Articulation Degree Programmes, you may take less CAR subjects than the normal requirements. Please refer to Senior Year Intakes/ Articulation Degree Programme for more details.