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Academic Integrity

  • Academic integrity (學術誠信) refers to the honest and ethical manner in which academic work is done, whether it is an assignment, an examination, an oral presentation, or a research project or report.

  • PolyU views Plagiarism as a serious disciplinary offence.

  • It is a fundamental value that all students at PolyU are expected to uphold.

  • As part of the University’s continuous effort in maintaining a fair and honest learning environment at PolyU, an online tutorial has been developed to:

    • raise your awareness of the University’s expectations for honest academic behavior
    • explain to you the importance of upholding academic integrity
    • provide you with information about what might constitute academically dishonest behaviour and plagiarism
    • explain ways for you to stay clear from academic misconduct and plagiarism
  • The Online Tutorial is one of the completion requirements of Freshman Seminar/ subject to Department’s requirement, a compulsory tutorial completion requirement (PolyU 1001), or on a voluntary basis (PolyU 1002).

  • The Online Tutorial is accessible on LEARN@PolyU (理學網): 

  • Upon completion of the Online Tutorial on Academic Integrity, you will be sent a copy of eCertificate via PolyU Connect email account.


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