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RGC GRF Projects

RGC GRF Projects

Project Title
Awarded ($)
Dr Gu Fang Dr Wang Jeff Jianfeng (CityU) Strengthening or Diversifying: Channel Relationship Management Within and Beyond a Dyad $440,000 2015-16
Dr He Wei Prof HSIEH J.J. Po-An
(Georgia State University)
Dr Fang Yulin (CityU)
Dr hroeder Andreas
(Aston University of UK)
Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: A Cross-level Perspective $378,300 2015-16
Dr Liu Wu Dr Song Zhaoli
(National University of Singapore)
Some anger works, some anger hurts: Leader’s display of anger and employee upward voice $535,000 2015-16
Prof Lo Carlos Wing-hung Prof Tang Shui-Yan
(University of Southern California)
Dr Li Hon Ying, Pansy (MM)
Dr Liu Ning Nicole (CityU)
Dr Zhan Xueyong (MM)
Prof Wei Wang (Jinan University)
Campaign-Style Enforcement and Environmental Compliance in China: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study $722,850 2015-16
Dr Zhan Xueyong Prof Tang Shui-Yan
(University of Southern California) Prof Lo Carlos Wing Hung (MM)
Political Contexts, Work Situations, and the Implementation of Environmental Policy by Street-Level Bureaucrats in China $525,000 2015-16
Dr Zhang Xubing   A Multichannel Retailer's Outlet Designation Decision in a Distribution Channel $140,000 2015-16
Dr Chan Yee Kwong (Ricky)   Antecedents and Consequences of Environmental Orientation: An Investigation of SMEs in China’s Pearl River Delta Region $260,124 2014-15
Dr Cho Wing-sing Dr Lam Wing (MM) The Power of LinkedIn: Will IT professionals leave their organizations for professional advancement due to participating in LinkedIn? $145,725 2014-15
Dr Jiang Yuwei Prof Gerald Gorn (MM) Rainbow or Plain? Effects of Logo Color Scheme on Consumer Brand Preference $303,526 2014-15
Dr Lam Wing Prof Lee Cynthia
(Northeastern University)
Prof Taylor Susan M.
(University of Maryland)
Leader-Employee Congruence in Proactivity and Employees’ Reactions to the New Leaders’ Change Agenda During Leadership Transitions $468,000 2014-15
Dr Ni Na Prof Dyck Bruno
(University of Manitoba)
Dr Walker Kent
(University of Winsor)
Doing Good, Doing Bad, Doing Both, or Doing Nothing? A Configurational Analysis of the Social Actions of Companies $315,316 2014-15
Prof Shaw Jason DeFrance   Alternative perspectives on the relationship between merit pay raises and employee outcomes: A cross-cultural comparison $1,306,789 2014-15
Dr Zhang Xubing   Retailers' Extended Warranties in a Distribution Channel $152,349 2014-15