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Area of research interests
        FAN Linying, Sophie
  PhD Topic: The Impact of Country-of-Origin and Brand on the Buying Intentions of Chinese Consumers towards Imported Food Products
        HE Dong Jin, Helen
  PhD Topic: How the Difference of Height between Employees and Consumers Affect Consumers’ Psychological States? Conceptual Metaphor and Role Behavior Perspectives
        HEIJINK Marloes
  PhD Topic: The Relationship between Customer-to-customer Interaction and Service Evaluation: A Cognitive Perspective
       HUANG Jiexian, Chloe
  PhD Topic: Is 50% Off Always Preferable to Buy-One-Get-One-Free? The Moderating Role of Assortment Size
        LI Xueni, Shirley
  PhD Topic: How Can Online Customer Service Representatives Better Deliver Their Positive Emotion? Emotional Contagion and Role Behavior Perspectives
        SONG Jiaqi, Flora
  PhD Topic: Impact of Height of Service Provider on Customer’s Perceived Service Quality
        WANG Yijie
  PhD Topic: Consumer buying behaviour: Social network advertising as a successful factor to a product.
 Organizational Behaviour / Human Resource Management
        BAVIK Yuen Lam, Fanny
  PhD Topic: Differences as a Boon or a Bane? Investigating the Curvilinear Relationship Between Expertise Dissimilarity and Individual-level Creativity: The Role of Help-seeking and Goal Orientation
        HO Ching Chi, Grace
  PhD Topic: How Individual Developmental Stages of the Leader-follower Dyad Influence Leader Performance and the Quality of Relationship in the Dyad? A Constructive-developmental Perspective
        LI Siyu
  PhD Topic: Supply Chain Information Sharing: Antecedents and Consequences
        LING Chuding
  PhD Topic: I Know You Because We Split: Revisiting the Effects of Team Faultlines on Performance in Action Teams
        SHI Shuisheng
  PhD Topic: How Servant Leadership Enhances Employee Well-being: A Deep Look into the Need Satisfaction Mechanism
        SI Wei
  PhD Topic: Job Insecurity, Procedural Justice, Core Self Evaluation, and Job Attitudes: A Three-way Interaction Model
        TAN Haoyi
  PhD Topic: PhD Topic: A Social Learning Perspective on the Creativity-Stimulating Role of Expressed Humility
        XIA Ying
  PhD Topic: PhD Topic: The Dark Side of Benevolent Leadership: Linking Benevolent Leadership, Selfish Motivation and Helping Behavior
        WANG Fenghao, Andrew
  PhD Topic: XXXX You! Your Colleagues are Motivated or Stressed about It?: The Effect of Profanity Use on Team Performance
        XIAO Jialing, Juley
  PhD Topic: Leader’s Displayed Negative Emotions and Follower’s Performance: An Integration of the Emotion as Social Information (EASI) Model with Attribution Theory
        ZHOU Xiang
  PhD Topic: Victimization of High Performers: The Roles of Perceived Competence and Performance Orientation
        ZHOU Yaxian, Stephanie
  PhD Topic: The Roles of Exceptions and Centralization in Routine Adaptation
 Management Information Systems
        CHEN Yuting, Cherry
  PhD Topic: The Effect of Social Presence and Social Capital in Obesity Prevention and Treatment: A Study of Collaborative Recommendation Agent
        LI Jing
  PhD Topic: Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Constrained Portfolio Optimization Problem
        LIU Fei
  PhD Topic: Exploring Individuals' mHealth Adoption Intention: Promotion or Prevention?
        Luo Peng
  PhD Topic: Explore Social Influence in Multi-channel Access to Physicians in Online Health Community
        WU Pengkun
  PhD Topic: Research on the Market-oriented Ticket Price of China’s High-speed Rail
        WANG Qian
  PhD Topic: What Else Drives the Online Product Rating: Theory and Evidence
        WONG Tak Way David
  PhD Topic: Determinants of Green Supply Chain Management and Green Supply Chain Management Practices Moderated by Institutional Pressures and Perceived Loss in China Companies
        XU Yukuan
  PhD Topic: Social Media Strategies and Enterprise Performance
        XIE Wen, Kate
  PhD Topic: Streaming Data Scrubbing Based on Cloud Computing
 Strategic Management / Public Sector Management
        LI Zheng
  PhD Topic: Determinants of Choice of Hospitals for Patients with Chronic Conditions in China's Leading Cities
        LIU Yu, Luna
  PhD Topic: CEO Core Self-evaluation and Firm Innovation: Comparison Study between China and US
        PANG Xue, Rose
  PhD Topic: Upgrading Strategies of China’s Manufacturing Industry – From the Perspective of Industry Cluster