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Selected Recent Publications
Tang, Y., Qian, C., Chen, G., & Shen, R. (forthcoming). How CEO Hubris Affects Corporate Social (Ir)responsibility. Strategic Management Journal.
Jiang, Yuwei, Adaval, Rashmi, Steinhart, Yael & Robert S. Wyer, Jr. (forthcoming). Imagining Yourself in the Scene: The Interactive Effects of Goal-Driven Self-Imagery and Visual Perspectives on Consumer Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research.
Huang, X., Hsieh, JJ. P. A., & He, W. (forthcoming). Expertise Dissimilarity and Creativity: The Contingent Roles of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Sharing. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Liu, W., Gong, Y.P., & Liu, J. (forthcoming). When Do Business Units Benefit More from Collective Citizenship Behavior of Management Teams? An Upper Echelons Perspective. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Jia, L., Shaw, J.D., Tsui, A.S., & Park, T.Y. (forthcoming). A social-structural perspective on employee-organization relationships and team creativity. Academy of Management Journal.
Jiang, Yuwei, Zhan, Lingjing & Rucker, Derek D. (forthcoming). Power and Action Orientation: Power as a Catalyst for Consumer Switching Behavior. Journal of Consumer Research.
Herman, T., Lam, C., Lawrence, S., & Huang, X. (forthcoming). When my supervisor dislikes you more than me: The effect of dissimilarity in leader-member exchange on coworkers’ interpersonal emotion and perceived help. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Sharma, P., Sivakumaran, B. & Marshall, R. (forthcoming). Exploring Impulse Buying in Services: Towards an Integrative Framework. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
Zhan, Xueyong, Lo, Carlos Wing-hung & Tang, Shui-yan (forthcoming). Contextual Changes and Environmental Policy Implementation: A Longitudinal Study of Street-Level Bureaucrats in Guangzhou, China. Journal Of Public Administration Research And Theory.
Liu, J. Lee, C., Hui, C., Kwan, H.K, & Wu, L.Z. (forthcoming).  Idiosyncratic deals and organizational contribution: The mediating roles of social exchange and self-enhancement. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Fang, Yulin, Qureshi, Israr, Sun, Heshan, McCole, Paul, Ramsay, Elaine & Kai, Lim (forthcoming). Trust, Satisfaction and Online Repurchase Intention: The Moderating Role of Perceived Effectiveness of E-commerce Institutional Mechanisms. MIS Quarterly.
Xu, Xin, Venkatesh, V., & Thong, J.Y.L. (forthcoming). Effects of ICT service innovation and its complementary strategies on brand equity and customer loyalty in a consumer technology market. Information Systems Research.
Shen, R., Tang, Y., & Chen, G. (forthcoming). When the Roles Fits : How Firm Status Differentials Affect Coporate Takeovers. Strategic Management Journal. * The three authors contributed equally.
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