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Selected Recent Publications
Echo Wen Wan, Kimmy W. Chan, and Rocky Chen, “Helping or Hurting? The Effects of Social Ostracism from Different Sources on Customer Coproduction Values”, forthcoming, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
Jiang, Y., Gorn, G.J., Galli, M. & Chattopadhyay, A. (forthcoming). Does Your Company Have the Right Logo? How and Why Circular and Angular Logo Shapes Influence Brand Attribute Judgments. Journal of Consumer Research.
Crilly, D., Ni, N., & Jiang, Y. (forthcoming). Do-No-Harm versus Do-Good Social Responsibility: Attributional Thinking and the Liability of Foreignness. Strategic Management Journal.
Fang, R., Landis, B., Zhang, Z., Anderson, M.H., Shaw, J. D., & Kilduff, M. (forthcoming). Integrating personality and social networks: A meta-analysis of personality, network position, and work outcomes in organizations. Organization Science.
Walter, F., Lam, C., van der Vegt, G., Huang, X., & Miao, Q. (forthcoming). Abusive supervision and subordinate performance: Instrumentality considerations in the emergence and consequences of abusive supervision. Journal of Applied Psychology.
Chen, G., Luo, S., Tang, Y., & Tong, Y. (equal contribution) (forthcoming). Passing probation: Earnings management by interim CEOs and its effect on their promotion prospects. Academy of Management Journal.
Zheng, W., Singh, K., & Mitchell. W. (forthcoming). Buffering and Enabling: The Impact of Interlocking Political Ties on Firm Survival and Sales Growth. Strategic Management Journal.
Yee, H.W.H., Tang, S.Y. & Lo, C. W. H. (forthcoming). Regulatory Compliance When the Rule of Law is Weak: Evidence from China's Environmental Reform. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.
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