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Year 2011-2012

Year 2011 - 2012

Date Presenter Topic
31 Aug 2012 Dr Andrew Ching *(University of Toronto, Canada) The Effects of Publicity on Demand: The Case of Anti-cholesterol Drugs
23 April 2012 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Using the World Values Survey to Explore the Generalizability of Models for Explaining Social Behavior: The Role of National Goals for Socializing Children
2 April 2012 Dr Joon Nak Choi *(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) Status, Conformity and Resource Dependency amongst Hedge Funds
2 April 2012 Dr Xueyong Zhan Institutional Embeddedness and Environmental Governance: Political Ties of Nonprofit Leaders in China
26 Mar 2012 Dr Kai-lung Hui *(The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) How Much Does the Digital Divide Matter? Evidence from a Federal Natural Experiment
19 Mar 2012 Dr Jason Thatcher *(Clemson University, USA) Studying Individual Mindfulness: The Importance of Developing Domain-Specific Definitions
12 Mar 2012 Prof. Blake Ashforth *(Arizona State University, USA) Ambivalence in Organizations
9 Mar 2012 Dr Eric Boyd CMO Migration and Firm Value:'When the Past is Prologue’
13 Feb 2012 Dr Thomas Leung An Examination of the Influence of Guanxi and Xinyong (Utilization of Personal Trust) on Negotiation Outcome in China: An Old Friend Approach
6 Feb 2012 Dr Israr Qureshi Contrasting the Effects of Bridging and Bonding Network Ties on Institutional Entrepreneurship
5 Jan 2012 Dr Ho-hon Leung *(State University of New York College at Oneonta, USA) Constructing Place and National Identity through Architecture: Comparison between the Contemporary China and Greece
12 Dec 2011 Dr Xin Xu Design for iPhone and iPad — A Study of Consumers’ Experience with Digital Media Convergence
9 Dec 2011 Prof. Arun Rai *(Georgia State University, USA) Leveraging Relationships with Industry for Scholarly Outcomes
28 Nov 2011 Prof. Mark Keil *(Georgia State University, USA) The Role of Attribution and Emotion in Whistleblowing
31 Oct 2011 Dr Robert Wright Revealing the Internal Logic of Practice Using Personal Construct Theory: Two Studies from the Strategy Practice Field
24 Oct 2011 Dr Zhansheng Chen *(The University of Hong Kong) Is Money the Root of Evil: Psychological Consequences of Money
17 Oct 2011 Prof. Jason Shaw *(University of Minnesota, USA) Turnover and Organizational Performance: A Long Look Back and a Short Step Forward
10 Oct 2011 Dr Yi Tang What's Good for Them? How NBA Stars Affect Non-star Teammates
3 Oct 2011 Dr Ricky Chan Does Ethical Ideology Affect Software Piracy Attitude and Behaviour? An Empirical Investigation of Computer Users in China
26 Sept 2011 Ms Erica Xu, Dr Wu Liu Wind Reader: A Cost-and-benefit Perspective of Employees? Choice of When and How to Speak Up
19 Sept 2011 Mr Herbert Leung Modeling Proactive Work Behavior: A Social Cognitive Approach