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Student Activity

MISS Department provides activities mainly for Non-local Students, but sometime we will arrange activities to both Local and Non-local student for increase students’ globalization. Please refer to our website, MISS Event Calendar to see the upcoming event! Besides OSD also arrange lots of activities and programmes for all the students in PolyU, please visit Centre STARS website for different activities and programmes.





Sports & Wellness

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The PolyU has different Sports Facilities provided to all students. They are Shaw Sports Complex, Fong Shu Chuen Hall, Kwong On Jubilee Sports Centre, Michael Clinton Swimming Pool, Hall Fitness Room etc. And there is a Joint Sports Centre in Kowloon Tong.

Besides Sport Facilities, Amenities Centre (which Located at the podium floor, 4/F and 5/F of Communal Building) provides Communal Facilities.

Please go to Centre STARS web page check out more facilities. If you want to understand more Sports News/ Physical Education Programme in PolyU, you may find useful information in the P.E. Sitemap





Aesthetics & Culture

The Culture Promotion Committee was established in mid-1999 with the aim of fostering an environment conducive to the promotion of culture and the arts on campus. Through its many activities, it aims to contribute to quality education and to the all-rounded development of PolyU students.

The Committee organizes over a hundred programmes and performances each year. These include dance, theatre, visual arts, film and video, orchestral music, literary arts, Chinese traditional chess games, carnival, artist-in-residence programme and Millenium talk series etc. Please go to CPEO web page for programmes’ details





Personal Development & Awards

Personal Development Programmes (PDP)
In order for student to have all-round development, Personal Development Programmes (PDP) is introduced. A SPECIAL framework has been worked out to facilitate students' personal fulfillment in the university years and also develop further their pathway towards success in future. Training content includes: creative & critical thinking, learning strategies, time management, love & dating, teamwork, EQ & AQ, stress management and personality testing.

The SPECIAL programmes will be organized throughout the academic year to help students develop the transferable skills. We may also offer tailor-made programmes for you if you can find a group of 10 students who share a common topic. You’re welcome to enrol into the Personal Development Programmes (PDP) and progress at your own pace.

Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT)
CAT was established with the aims to (i) assist you to keep track of your own co-curricular development; (ii) motivate you to set up goals in pursuit of excellence; (iii) serve as a quick reference of your all-round potential as a 'preferred graduate'; and (iv) serve as a certificate in recognition of your achievements and contributions. Please go to Co-curricular Achievement Transcript (CAT) page for more details





Community Engagement

Personal Development Programmes (PDP)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is committed to establishing a close link with society and serving the community at large. PolyU students have been actively involved in community services through the Community Service Learning Programme (CSLP), launched by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) together with over 20 academic departments. It aims to encourage PolyU students and staff to serve the community by applying their professional knowledge and skills. You are encouraged to participate actively in community services, which can help develop a right attitude in life, strengthen a sense of social responsibility and explore potentials in different aspects.




Global Experience

The International Affairs Office (IAO)
IAO offers a variety of services to encourage the development of international relations and to assist students, academics, faculties and departments seeking quality international exchanges with their counterparts. They are responsible for the acceleration of internationalization of PolyU. Please click here to know more about IAO

The Chinese Mainland Affairs Office (CMAO)
The Chinese Mainland Affairs Office (CMAO) is a designated unit of PolyU to facilitate academic collaboration, student and scholarly exchanges, as well as the recruitment of mainland students for PolyU undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It provides a gateway through which institutions and organizations on Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Macao can effectively communicate and forge partnership with different PolyU departments. Please go to CMAO web page to know more about their work.





Student Associations

Coming soon.