MA Richard
MA Richard, Faculty of Business
Sharing on Training for Orientation Programme Helpers

MA Richard 01

This is an activity aiming at building co-operation among unfamiliar team members. It was really an unforgettable experience for me because I had never thought of being raised up like that! At first, like most of others, I chose to lie down to raise up someone else. Actually I tried my best and successfully, that guy was transported to the other side. However, when others chose me to be the protagonist, I felt extremely scared because I am almost 100kg and I did not have faith to complete the activity. To my surprise, my feeling changed immediately I lied down onto their hands. I could be aware of the support from them and I realized that others will treat you in the way you have treated them although we were not quite familiar with each other. Sometimes difficulties are not that invincible as long as you have courage to try.