LI Yanyan Lily
LI Yanyan Lily, Faculty of Business
Sharing on On Campus Mentoring Day Camp: Crossroad


This is a mock situation about being poor, and we tried to earn a living in this situation. What impressed me most was that the paper bag receivers rapped off the bag which be thought of bad quality. He paid no money which was compulsory for us to make a living. I thought a lot about dignity. In extremely poor situations, “faces” can really be the things that we must give up.  We only feel dignity when facing with families, and family members are the only ones who can support is in whatever conditions.

With this insight, I suggest we can call for help, raise funds as well as design related courses for the poverty people in order to help them.

I knew previously that many people are poor. I knew the statistics but unfortunately I only knew the statistics. After this experience, I thought that there are so much we can do and we are about to , as well as responsible for making a change.