Jeffery Tam Chun Ho
Jeffery Tam Chun Ho, Tourism Management
Sharing on Orientation Programme 2013

Easy come, easy go

Perfect summer of my life

My summer vacation always linked with orientation program, FRESHMAN, OC, group leader. I had always enjoyed crazy and wild time with other people. This is the only reason that I hate to be Committee Members to do preparatory work. Executive Committee member's role are: constantly meeting, continuous revising ACTVITY PLAN, continuous improving SCHEDULE. However, Ex-Co only has seven members and 1 staff in charge.


There is only one single reason that convinces me to help organizing this huge orientation camp: I hope all Non-local students can really experience our culture.


This is the very first orientation CAMP involving all non local students. Everyone knows that the beginning is always the hardest step. Being said that, I sacrifice nearly everything to make it perfect. When I knew I was assigned to CITY HUNT, I feel much greater responsibility. We should let them know that Hong Kong is not just shopping but more vibrant. I think so hard to include every local element that I can think of, such as instant stickers, instant 20, mysterious but gorgeous scenery.


After many discussions, a total of 56 check points are designed. Group leader's role is to ensure the whole group play in a harmonic and fun, with some knowledge of playing team games in the room. However, Ex-Co role is completely different .Our mission is to make five hundred people have fun and the game design cannot have biased.


Sense of success is not from the audience’s applause, but from the joy of the participants. On our big day, my heart beat was terribly fast. In addition to fear there will be problems, I also kept wondering the feelings of the participants. When watching participants’ delightful comments on their personal Facebook, when knowing some groups want to know the full CITY HUNT check list, when listening to their joyful sharing, my happiness was beyond description. 


We have experienced a lot of problems, there are personnel changes, there are free riders, pressure from MISS, there are some accidents concerning about game rules. But what makes me most happy, the most comforting, the most gratifying, there is very responsible, very responsible COMMITTEE. It is the most united group, breaking the ice is much much easier than I originally thought as I never cooperate with mainland students. There is no language barrier issue at all. Instead, it has a feeling of community, and many of our members are amusing and amazing.


Sweat, tears, laughter are mixed into invaluable memory that I will never ever forget!


I would like to thank you for all who work so hard in city hunt game and in the orientation camp.








一直以來, 自己旳暑假總是與迎新活動掛勾,FRESHMAN ,OC, 做組爸。自己一直很享受那種跟其他人一致瘋狂,釋放自己的感覺, 所以一直抗拒做籌委成員。籌委成員的角色跟莊員冇異,不斷開會, 不斷改ACTVITY PLAN, 不斷改SCHEDULE不同的是,Ex-Co 只有7個。


答應幫手的原因只有一個很想non-local 的學生真的可以體驗我們的文化。


我知道全校大型非本地生orientation CAMP實屬首次,萬事起頭難 , 所以我全力以赴 ,很希望把其弄好,犠牲身邊的一切,一係就唔做。當自己知道被分配CITY HUNT,感覺責任更大,應該讓他們知道香港不只是shopping,是有多面的,很想針對local的元素著墨,例如貼紙相,instant 20,鮮為人知的動人風景。


經過多次討論,合共設計了56 check point組爸的角色,是希望全組開開心心,只懂把氣氛弄好和玩game有貨便可。但籌委卻不同,使命是令五百人都玩得開心,遊戲設計不能太偏頗。


成功感,並非來自台下的掌聲,而是源於參加者的喜悅在比賽當天,自己極度緊張,除了害怕會出問題,更想知道參加者的感受。當聽他們分享自己如何快樂, 當看見他們微博說如何難忘, 當知道有組想要份CITY HUNT check list, 那種感動真的不能以筆墨形容。


過程中,經歷很多問題,有人事變動, free rider, 有來自MISS的壓力,也有一些別有用心的組爸媽們。但使我最欣慰, 最欣慰, 最欣慰的,是有班很負責, 很盡責的COMMITTEE .(當小掃除後)這是最團結的團體,打破我最初好難熟的偏見.因為我從未跟內地學生合作,才發現根本沒有言語不通的問題.相反, 這團體有一種家的感覺,而且我們的成員很多都好搞笑






CHERRY 哈哈,同妳傾先知原來妳係P ,唔怪得妳都好organize set to do list,真係要多多向妳學習,燥底除外


TONY ,沒什麼好說,初認識你真的不知道原來你那麼搞笑!


NIKKIE 真係好欣慰妳咁投入,咁有義氣,不過其實我真係好擔心妳。因為妳真係超級自CHUR,番完工立即番來開會,為左我地唔訓都得,見到妳咁撐真係好心酸!


YISHA 因為妳,我決定進修北京話


JUSTIN: 很感謝你下班仲來開會。


各位,短片內我是估意加插起跳多次失敗才成功的,因為這正正是我們,搞左兩次pre-game 而在短時間內把14 SET完全改頭換面,沒有我們不斷努力就不會成功,新生就不會咁開心.自己亦因為要求高,不斷要大家開會, 見大家辛苦仲chur大家而感到很慚愧。