Cheng Ching Sum Kily
Cheng Ching Sum Kily, Applied Ageing Studies
Sharing on Cantonese Class 2012-13 Semester 2

Joining the Cantonese Class for Putonghua speaker at MISS has been a valuable experience. I assisted two groups of mainland students as their student helper last semester. This experience has enhanced my personality growth and given me lots of learning opportunities. Cantonese is my mother tongue. However, for the new comers, Cantonese is a new language and it is not that easy to handle. My duty was to provide them the chance to communicate and practice orally. The effective way in learning a spoken language is not only how much you practice on your own, but how often you can speak to and successfully communicate with a local speaker. My role was to talk to them, let them familiar with the Cantonese environment, encourage them to speak and polish their pronunciation. I was their facilitator in learning Cantonese, and at the same time I have learnt a lot on them. It is never easy to live in a city with cultural differences and in unfamiliar language. I was glad that the students have significant improvement after completed the workshop. Moreover, I have met a lot of new friends from both under-graduate and post-graduate, and we still keep contact after the classes. I believed that this learning experience was meaningful to both of our university life.