GUO Ziyang Frank
GUO Ziyang, Frank, ISAS-Trainee Ambassador
Sharing on Singapore Global Awareness Tour

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There is a lot of talk about Singapore, one of the celebrated Four Asian Tigers at the moment. By the 1980s, Singapore, under the guidance of Lee Kuan Yew, had a per capita income second only to Japan's in East Asia, and the country had become a chief financial center of Southeast Asia. Compared with another international container hub------Hong Kong, Singapore has its own advantages as well as certain disparities.

Therefore, it is very meaningful and to discover Lee’s legacy of an efficiently running country and as a leader whose philosophy of governing is setting the world on fire.

To crack the Singaporean code, we immersed ourselves in the Lion City for five days. We visited the Night Safari, the Merlion Park and Singapore City Gallary that can pretty much define our ideas about Singapore. Frankly speaking, it is a small country with a deep passion for the harmonious relationship with human and nature. Although the city lacks land resources, the centre of Singapore is still dominated by national parks that swept away the old images of prosperous CBD and boring skyscrapers. And I was also captivated by “sustainability”, one of the key words of Singapore. The technique of NEWater and reclamation works have been the envy of the world.

During this study trip, I found Singapore an easy country to enjoy and felt like a hard place to leave. Singapore is a country that for a long time has been held up as the perfect model of prosperity and development. And I think other countries around the world look on with envy and think there is so much to admire.

Finally, I must to say thanks to OSD for providing this golden opportunity for the international student ambassadors. There is so much fun to travelling with ISAS.