LEE Yi Kiu Ariel
LEE Yi Kiu Ariel, ISAS-International Student Ambassador
Sharing on Singapore Global Awareness Tour

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The Singapore Global Awareness Tour has opened my minds to notice the differences between the culture of Singapore and Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Singapore are similar, especially in terms of economic structures, size of territories and population. Through the visit of different local universities including Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore, we were given a chance to listen and interact with local professors and students, allowing us to be a global citizen by understand the situation of Singapore and noticing as well as reflecting on the variations.

In addition to the culture differences, it was noticed that Singapore is a “green” country. It was never difficult to look for trees or leaves there and with the visit to the Newater Processing Centre, we understood more the importance of recycling and renewal to Singaporeans. Comparing with Hong Kong, though there are numerous green plants in the streets and roads, recycling and renewal are not common habits of Hongkongers. We have learnt about the concept, yet usually ignore it and hence create many wastes to the environment. After the study tour, I think it is the most important thing that Hong Kong should learn from Singapore. It is a simple gesture and well-known to everyone, all we need to do is act the way we should have.